I have a number of trainers with no formal training qualifications and I would like to get them qualified as soon as possible.  I'm looking at various qualifications at the moment but would like some guidance on the best internationally recognised awarding bodies.  Any suggestions welcome.



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Hello Steve

It would be useful to know what qualifications you're looking for.

We offer City & Guilds IT based qualifications which are certainly recognised at home and abroad.  Our learners study online at their own pace or can join virtual classrooms with more structured guidance and coaching or we can deliver face to face (UK or overseas) 

We offer a Trainer Skills Award. The training is based on the Training Cycle. This was previously known as C&G 7300 Introduction to Trainer Skills but it is no longer available on the qualifications database. So our Trainer Skills Award recognises trainer skills and accredits the IT skills used by trainers in planning and delivering training.

We have a highly practical Social Media Certificate (the first accredited City & Guilds social media and marketing qual) aimed at businesses as well as individuals. 

We have Office based training - RAPID is a 6 week course based on basic Office applications whereas the Accessible IT Practice qualification draws out the underpinning knowledge about producing accessible documents, presentations and videos. It incorporates web accessibility so a learner can design and produce a website acknowledging the current requirements to ensure all users can access as intended. 

We take an holistic approach and each one of the programmes are based on a taskbook making learning and producing evidence for a portfolio as straight forward as possible.

All of these are naturally attractive due to the City & Guilds approved status. 

I have also been personally involved in creating Digital Marketing Apprenticeships and Diplomas for Edexcel as well as City & Guilds so happy to have my brains picked even more 



Di Dawson



I would advise you to look at the new products of APM Group based in Wycombe.

They have a vast range on offer and am sure one will suit. If not they will create one for you.

Best Wishes,

Gordon Donkin 

I would suggest you consider Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) qualifications.


You can use NCFE's advanced qualification search (http://www.ncfe.org.uk/qualification-search?search=&type=product).


Check out what we offer in the Education and Training sector (http://www.ncfe.org.uk/qualification-search?search=&sector=Educ...).


NCFE also offers Accreditation Services.


If you would like to discuss further, please don't hesiate to contact me I can get one of our Business Development team to contact you.


Kind regards


Nicola Codd (nicolacodd@ncfe.org.uk)

Learning Resources Manager, NCFE


The TAP qualifications by The Training Foundation are increasing in popularity internationally.  I can wholeheartedly recommend their Delivery Skills course.  It's stood me in good stead for nearly 15 years.


I agree with Jackie - TAP is an excellent way forward as a general recognition of trainer skills.

I would also suggest getting recognised by the professional body / getting a qualification linked to the subject matter that the trainers are delivering.

I investigated the CIPD Experience Assessment route but the CIPD's focus still remains on Personnel rather than Development.

It looks like there is still a gap in the market for a true international Learning & Development qualification that does not just focus on instructor-led learning delivery.

I would also say that TAP is a good starting place, though I do find their structures a bit too rigid for my liking.


From an International point of view, CIPD certificate in training practise seems to be well received. As a chartered institute, they should have the international clout required.



Certainly the CIPD links now to the Australian HR institute may well enable co recognition of trainer related qualifications but they are more engaged in HR than L and D quals. I know that the Australian trainer qualifications map across to UK equivalents but it depends on the training subjects and any compliance needs the trainers are presenting and are involved with. The Australian areas around licence related themes require the TAE trainer qualification to deliver. You'll find you can map a CGLI if necessary but need a local provider who operates maybe internationally e.g. TAFE or similar see www.training.gov.au for providers and where they may operate. Happy to assist with possible contacts if this is the part of the world that interests you. Some institutes operate more globally here, mainly in SE Asia as it's their doorstep so to speak. However there will be costs I suspect, not always easy as each country jurisdictions require hoops to jump. Academic institutions will co recognise but industry sectors do have some technical matters to consider.

I completed the TAP cert. many years ago and found it short but effective, although it was very 'presentation focussed'.   I also recommend the PTLLs qualification, offered at a resonable rate by most FE Colleges, often via a blended delivery model (~ 25 hrs).  While this may provide limited delivery skills training (usualy only 1 'micro-teach') it does offer plenty of opportunity for reflective thought around the principles of learning.  If they have the time a full CIPD qualification is very desirable.

Hi Steve, 

If you are looking for an internationally recognised accreditation for a qualification in Coaching for you trainers then you might want to consider the Certificate in Coaching offered by the University of Cambridge www.ice.cam.ac.uk/coaching 

Best wishes

Victoria Steenkamp
Academic Programme Manager
Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge



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