Although I feel fully networked in the virtual sense of the word, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any learning professional groups that get together on a more regular face-to-face basis - than say the regular conferences / exhibitions etc...

Whilst I think this site is fantastic I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any groups that regularly get together to meet up and discuss.

any thoughts?

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Hello Martyn
If you (or other colleagues here) have LSC funding for any of what you do/provide, then you're very welcome to come along to any of the regular forums (free) or events (small fee) that the JISC Regional Support Centres run across the UK. Each RSC will offer a range of f2f opportunities in its region throughout the year - but an organisation has to be in receipt of Learning & Skills Council funding to be eligible for our support. Of course, we also do a lot of online meetings, but there's a lot to be said for discussing with physical rather than virtual colleagues.

If you don't fall into the LSC funding category, then,,,I wonder if it would be worth your offering to host a couple of informal meeting sessions anyway? Would people come along (if in reach), if there was a clear agenda/ideas for discussion that offered benefits to their organisation?


many thanks for your reply Amanda. I was not aware of the JISC before your reply. Would you mind if I contacted you direct to find out more about the JISC?

many thanks
Hi Martyn,

The eLearning Network ( have started holding roundtable discussions covering various elearning-related topics. I think there's actually one on today, but there's bound to more in the near future.
One of the main bonuses of the discussions is that vendors are excluded from them so you get to talk to others in similar positions to you (and me) without anyone trying to sell you something...

this is interesting Matt - many thanks for your reply. do you know what membership level you have to have to attend these roundtable discussions?.. and do you know if these are mentioned on the website?...

I'd be really interested in attending these



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