Hello Folks,

We're looking for a junior instructional designer to join our team.  We've tried the obvious routes, like LinkedIn etc.  Keen to not go down the recruiter route, so just wondering if anyone on here has any good advice to tap up potential candidates.  I didn't want to just post on here without checking first.  We have a job advert (etc.) but didn't want to spam the forum.  Any tips welcomed?

Many thanks,

Tom Moore.

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I would suggest posting this on the platforms where the millennials reside, ie FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Think about the sort of person you're hoping to find and post it where they are. If you want someone that knows about or is connected to someone in the industry this would be a reasonable place but if you want someone with a fresh view maybe not.

We've got good results from our own website (someone interested in us and how we worked) and a student union forum (had to sift for people that were interested in tech and learning but still had several potentials and the resulting hire was great)

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for your reply - we got sorted in the end by trying a number of different routes as well as approaching local Universities who deliver e-learning degrees etc.  Appreciate the advice!

Kind regards,




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