Hi Everyone, 

I'm thinking of going to the Learning Technologies exhibition in London next year, but I've never been before. I wonder, could someone who has been there tell me your thoughts?

I went to BETT a couple of years ago and managed to do  some great networking and see some great new products, but it was too K12 focussed for my needs. Primarily, I'd like to visit a few good seminars for CPD and network with potential clients for freelancing work. Seeing the latest software and technology products on offer from vendors would be a nice secondary benefit.

What did you get out of the last few Learning Technologies exhibitions you attended? Would you recommend it?



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Hi Seth,

We exhibited for the first time last year and it's a truly fantastic event, I couldn't recommend it enough.  There really is something for everyone.  To get the most of it, the usual rules apply in terms of prior research and preperation.  All in all, I would say it's still the leading event for industry, at least in the UK.  Perhaps see you there in January!  

It is one of my must have events for keeping up to date with latest trends and products. I attended the Summer forum and the exhibition there was small, but even then very useful.

If you pick your seminars carefully you can come back with some good information.

Down side, some of the seminars can be glorified sales pitches as you would expect, but some are very useful in the general sense.

Also I notice on the floor plan a LSG members area. Could be some good networking there.



Hi Nick, Hi Bob, 

Thanks for the reply, guys. It really does sound like a "Can't miss" event. Thanks both of you for the objective opinions. Thanks both, too for the good advice to research and plan what to see and do beforehand. I visited BETT a while ago and spent the first morning wandering around just taking it in in all its hugeness, so I'll definitely heed your words. 



Hi Seth

I've been a day visitor the last 3 years and honestly I've learned a huge amount. As others have mentioned, plan your visit ahead of time. Be choosy about the seminars, and if look at who is delivering, some of the best speakers show up and even if the topic isn't exactly what you're interested in they're so engaging and empowering it's worth the time.

My other tip would be to try to find some time for the co located Learning and Skills event. Also full of interesting people and innovations.

Enjoy and maybe see you there!

Thanks Kevin!

You guys have really sold it to me. I'll see you there for sure :)  -- With a plan and a timetable in my hand, too!


Hello, Seth, well worth going to. We're one of the exhibitors (Stand 18, we author highly specced LMS systems) - feel free to come and see us. If we're not your up of tea, you will definitely find someone there who is. It's highly worth networking here first. I can't imagine you'll be disappointed. 

Best regards

Dave Francis


Seth - just to let you know that in addition to the conference programme and free seminar programme, there is also a new 'Share and Learn' programme on the exhibition floor. It will give you 2 additional chances to actively meet new people including the conference speakers :

'Generate' is new for 2015- an opportunity to both network with peers and also to crowdsource ideas. It will be hosted by Training Zone on stand 418 and they are busy gathering the questions that people want to discuss prior to the event.

eXchange - has been running for 2 years and it is where the conference speakers come down to the exhibition floor for small group discussion around the application of their ideas . It's free to join in but the spaces are limited so you are advised to book.

The link above on the LT site shows you how to get involved!



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