Hi all,

This is for those of you who are going to the Learning Technologies conference next January.

I'm wondering whether it would be a good opportunity for those of us using Moodle in corporate learning to meet up?

On both days we have a long lunch break, so how about using one of those. We could gather at one end of the main meeting area at Olympia 2. Probably for about 45 minutes. Anyone that wants to could talk about how they've used Moodle in their setting.

Some ideas that could be discussed:

- Using Moodle to support fully online courses with learner-learner or learner-tutor interaction.
- Using Moodle with SCORM content
- Useful additional modules and blocks
- Integrating with HR databases and reporting systems
- Hosting (especially for large scale deployments)
- etc

I see this as working as a whole bunch of independent conversations about Moodle, with people able to move in and out of the conversations as they wish.

What do you think?



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I think this is a great idea. I was going to say count me in until I realised that I may only be going to the exhibition due to budget constraints in our department. If this can be done somewhere that I will be allowed access to, I would love to join in.

My email address for letting me know how the arrangements/the co-ordination of this is progressing or for anyone who wants to contact me is susan.taylor@ngbailey.co.uk

I am in the process of getting Moodle for our company so don't as yet have much experience of using it, but by January should be further forward and would love to hear others' experiences.
Thanks Susan,

That's a good thought, about having it somewhere outside of the conference, but linked to the exhibition. The exhibition areas a bit tight for space though.

It depends really how many people are interested in getting together. A few of us could gather in a corner of the exhibition space. A larger group would probably need to find elsewhere.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I don't currently use Moodle although I have installed it on a development server we use for evaluating new concepts. I would love to meet up with people who do use it in corporate learning, so I can get an idea about how I might do the same within my organisation.

Not sure which of the two days I will be attending yet.

You can find my contact details in my profile info.


Rob Puricelli.
Hi Mark
We spoke a while ago about our Moodle installation and I'm happy to report that its going well thus far. I'd be happy to get together to share experiences with fellow Moodlers or just people who want to know more. We followed a similar route to Rob by installing on a test server first before going live - so have a number of lessons learned.
I'd be particulalry keen to talk to other professional services and law firms who share the same CPD challenges as we do.

It did get me thinking though that Moodle and this kind of forum could turn into a much bigger beast. Perhaps for next year's conference we should be presenting in the 'Moodle Zone'.
Like Susan I'll just be attending the Exhibition.
Sounds good. Would love to come.

Jane Hall, E-learning Manager at the RYA
Hello Mark,

I would be very happy to share our experience with you, and be very interested to hear what others have to say.

Sounds a great idea, count me in!
Hi Mark

Great idea; I'd really like to be part of this. By then we will be in the 1st few weeks of our Moodle implementation so I can share the implementation stories and would benefit from hearing how others are using it in Corporate Learning.

Likely I too will only be doing the exhibition. Please do keep me posted on numbers/possible venues.

Great Idea, count me in!
Hi Mark
I would be interested in joining this discussion. We are not using Moodle yet, but looking into it. I will probably be coming to the exhibition (not conference) on Wed 27 Jan.
John Le Rossignol
Hi Mark
I would be very interested in meeting up with people to discuss using Moodle. Like others here I have little experience using it and would welcome the chance to talk to others. I am only attending the exhibition but probably on both days. Has anything been arranged yet?, if so please let me know. My e-mail address is in my profile details.

Many thanks
Paul Gerrelli
Hi all,

Please note a change of date and venue for the mini-Moodlemoot.

It will be in Olympia 2, Room 304 (on level 3) on Thursday from 13:00 to 13:45.

You do not need a Conference ticket to attend. It is open to all, including Exhibition-only visitors.

Please let me know if you plan to be there.





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