Does anyone have experience that they can share of managing an L&D team that supports projects run using the 'agile methodology'?

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Hi Martyn

As a lot of the ethos of Agile teams is self-management, I used the more experienced guys in the Agile teams to develop and run short sessions, supported by the L&D team with logistics to take that part of the pain away.  The internal experts then supported the newer teams with coaching.  We then made external learning available but only once the internal sessions had been attended.

Overall we ended up with over 70% of our Tech learning being delivered by internal subject matter experts, and Agile was a large portion of that.

Hope that's useful - let me know if you want any more detail.

thanks Chris - that's interesting. Our challenge is shifting our mindset and performance to support new products and services coming to market. Traditionally we would have longer lead times, and following traditional 'waterfall'. Part of our challenge is managing multiple projects with short sprints that often have resource conflicts



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