March 18th 2010: Rapid elearning for faster content co-creation, Nick Shackleton-Jones

With the need for fast learning in today's workplace, traditional top-down course development methodologies often can't keep up. The answer isn't always social learning, not when there is clear content that needs to be delivered. What is the answer? Rapid development: pulling in the expertise of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), co-creating content with the L&D team to shorter timescales and tighter budgets. That's the ideal of the rapid approach, but what's the reality? How do you project manage this sort of course creation? Can SMEs be trusted to do it alone? In this presentation Nick Shackleton Jones of the BBC draws on real world experience to examine:


• Maintaining quality at speed
• Working effectively with SMEs
• Setting management's expectations
• Templates and other tricks
• Making choices according to budget, time and content


For the recording click here.

For a PDF of the presentation and a copy of the chat sessions see below.


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Nick & Don,

Thanks for a great webinar last week. It was only the second one I've participated in but I've got sooooooo much out of both of them.

Really looking forward to finding out what the next webinars will be dealing with.




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