I wondered if any one could recomend a method of comparing the value of eLearning modules where we have two modules which deliver the same learning.


I want to use a fixed set of design/development criteria. The criteria might include, cost, maintenance, style, etc.


Any methods or tools you can recomend would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks


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Hi Sarah

I would use Bob Mosher's 5 moments of need as one of the criteria (they are first time, wanting more. remembering/ applying, things change, things go wrong). So that element of the assessment criteria would be "how well does each learning resource address each of these moments of need. If one covers only 2 whilst another covers 4 really well that's a critical differentiator.

Hope that helps

Hi Alan, thank you for this information.  It’s a great video (not one I had seen). 

Basically, we are creating a simple tool to use internally within our organisation that once we have identified what the learning objectives are (which Bob Mosher’s 5 moments of need come in handy), allows us to compare two or more eLearning events so that we can identify which best meets our learning objectives.  We are hoping the tool will help simplify the process and save us some time.

Some of the criteria that we are using are

Supplier – what they can offer us i.e. in terms of Level of Learning, cost, aftercare etc

Level of eLearning - Quick Knowledge Transfer, for comprehension …. etc

And whether it is a bespoke event or if an off the shelf event will work.

Any suggestions are always welcome thanks.




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