Hi everyone


I'm interested in options for producing simple mobile learning content in-house. We currently use Content Point for standard eLearning.


Can anyone recommend any mobile learning authoring tools and advise on the benefits/pitfalls to look out for, please?


We would ideally be looking to produce content accessible on iPhone, Blackberry and Android, to cater for the widest range of our learners with their own devices as possible.


Looking forward to hearing anyone's ideas!




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Hi Charlotte,


Firstly, good luck with your project.  You could try Adobe Device Central for getting content into a format that works on phones, but it's a bit fiddly.  However, rumour has it that the next version of Adobe Captivate will support mobile devices including iOS.  I know this doesn't help now, but it may help in the future.


The other thing I'm aware of is Adobe Edge, that allows you to produce dynamic content in HTML using a GUI rather than code, so this might work as an interim solution.  That's due to be released into Adobe Labs at the end of the month.




Andy Jones

Hi, You could try the Outstart Hot Lava Tool, they are offering a free 30 day trial, see link below:






Adobe cs 5.5 (specifically Flash Builder 4.5.1) is what im starting to use and its surprisingly easy to use and develop with some decent getting started projects. 


Download a demo copy of flash builder (then update it) and the AIR app AIRLaunchpad and youll have a ready made app to play with.


The new captivate only has the improvement of having templates for iphone and encodes it to mp4 so you can publish iOS compatible video files so nothing special there.


also have a look at jasons flex blog as another good demo project to download http://blogs.adobe.com/jasonsj/2011/06


Just starting myself with pushing this out so be keen to know which way you decide to go

Hi Charlotte,

I've just been to a great event laid on by Epic in which they demo'd 'GoMo'. An authoring tool designed specifically for creating and then publishing content to mobile apps. Here's a link


As a matter of interest, how are you getting on with the latest version on Content Point?




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