Hi,  I'm looking to beg, borrow / steal any training aides anybody may have on moving from 2003 to 2010 ...something nice and simple??!


Warm wishes,


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Hi Fleur,

No need to beg borrow or steal Microsoft provide free training:




There are also some really useful interactive guides on the MS website where users can navigate to a certain menu/button/function in a virtual 2003 environment. The tool will then show them how to complete the same action in 2010. I found these invaluable when we made the switch...





http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/support/learn-where-menu-and-tool... also looks like a useful tool - if Kyla hadn't pipped me to the post!

Another vote for the inteactive guides mentioned.  Very useful migration tool.

I can heartily endorse the interactive guides already recommended.  You find the challenge is with "power" users who often get the hump with the ribbons wheras ordinary/novice users usually find ribbons easier.  The bit to focus on is the File menu/tab, which can be a bit traumatic for newbies.



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