Ning have confirmed they are to end the offer of free networks and are downsizing considerably. Following LT2008 i created a network for our team which now has over 150 members and is just becoming an integral part of our team after 18 months. Given the current climate i doubt very much we will pay for premium services so it probably means the end of our network and we either start again somewhere else or wait until we have an internal platform. Very disappointing given the work that has gone in to getting the network where it is. Is anyone else affected by this or have any views on the end of free networks? Do you think others will follow suit?

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hi mike,

answers to your questions:

1 - moo is still in its beta phase

2 - as far as i know, this is the first attempt at this kind of platform.

3 - i think it might be mentioned in our two day induction programme upfront...but not sure, need to confirm that.

4- since april last year, we've had over 8,000 unique users - that's almost half of the BBC workforce.

5 - there isn't any official training for users - the idea was to make it feel welcoming and intutitive so people are motivated to explore the site.

6 - no official rewards system other than the sharing of knowledge and ideas...if you're seen to be posting lots of good content then that's your name getting known...and we all like our names getting known at the bbc! ;)

7- demographics - we ran a competition last year where people could submit programme ideas to the site, and entries came from all over the BBC from people at all levels and ages.

8- senior people have used it

9- content being posted that's relevant to work..on the whole, it is - the BBC is a creative organisation, so anything that is interesting, inspiring, thought provoking etc could be classed as being work related in that it could potentially inspire a new programme idea or project! . the BBC can be rather a silo driven organisation, eg people from science not knowing what people from history are doing, radio and tv working separately etc. we wanted to create a friendly, welcoming space where people all over the BBC could post content that could be seen by all their colleagues - encourgae cross fertilization of ideas and concepts.


hi mike, what's your email address?





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