Hello everyone! I am new here and new to learning and development too!

I am on the hunt for some free or next to free learning management tools and Im quite impressed with efront learning - a free LMS however I cannot seem to install it which is a problem!

Im looking at anything easy to install and good to use. Can anyone recommend anything to me?



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Hi Natalia

A great place to start your quest would be Jane Hart's directory of tools: http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/Directory/Tools/coursemgt.html.

Let me know how you get on - and good luck!

Learning and Skills Group Chairman
Hi Natalie,

Try Moodle @ http://moodle.org/ ... you'll be surprised.
Hi Natalia,

It depends on what you're looking to do with it. Most open source LMS's have come from the Higher Education sector, eg. Moodle, Atutor, Dokeos, Claroline. They're all very good at working in that sort of learning environment - often using a social constructivist model of learning.

If you're looking for a more-typical corporate LMS, which is just about delivering and tracking content (far less effective in my opinion), then the only one I'm aware of is Docebo: http://www.docebo.org/doceboCms/

It looks like it ought to be very good. It's as easy to install as any of the others, but it takes a while to get your head around the way it works.


Hello Natalie
What is it that you want to do, or achieve, particularly? It would be easier to recommend appropriate things if you could say a little more about what you want to do.


Hi Natalia,

I'll echo the comments on Moodle. It is an excellent system out of the box. It is open source and there is a large community of people who create extra modules that you can add on easily if you need extra bits. If you have the inclination it is also not too tricky to make small modifications yourself if you really need to, or again get some help from the forums.

Hi Nat -
We are collaborating with Emerald Publishing with the open source social network system Elgg.
Try it for free at
Give me a shout if you want to discuss professional social networks
07771 99 87 99
and then there is Moodle - open source LMS too.
Dr. Anthony 'Skip' Basiel
Hi all - many thanks for your suggestions and help. All very grateful. I have looked into Moodle, and it does look great but it also seems quite tailored to academia. I like the look of e front as it is more enterprise based but I just cannot get the open source programme to install correctly which has annoyed me somewhat. Does anyone have any experience of installation who can assist?

Anthony - I will take a look at Elgg - many thanks!

Amanda - I work for a global PR company as an ICT Trainer and I'm looking for an LMS which will allow for me to build courses and also to record training for every user. Anything you can recommend?
Hi Natalie,

I've just had a go at installing efront, and after a little effort I got it running. Maybe it's me, but it doesn't seem very well featured.

I found the only way I could get it running was by installing WAMPServer on Windows. If you want some assistance, let me know and we can maybe jump on Skype or something and I'll see if I can help.

Ok - Yes my tech team member had problems. I may take you up on the offer of help though as I would love to get this up and running.

What is WAMPserver? More to the point, is it free?
WAMPServer is a way of installing Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows (basically the things you need to run eFront). You can find it here; http://www.wampserver.com/en/

Once it's installed you'll need to click on the WAMPServer icon in the system tray, select the PHP folder and enable the zip extension. After doing that, eFront installed ok.
Free! Now there's a nice idea .... So are you referring to something like Moodle which is open sauce - the claim is that it is free and schools for example, frequently choose it on the basis of that claim .... and then employ several technicians/designers who can manage it. One of the reason Moodle looks like its tailored to academia is because a) OU have invested in its development, b) academia uses designers/teccies to customise it so that it is fit for purpose .... get your own teccies/designers and it should work for you ... if you pay!



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