Hi everyone,

Is it just me, or did anyone else think that the vision promoted by Fabrizio Cardinali in the current Learning Technologies magazine is just way to complex to be useful?

In his article he discusses how Personal Ambient Learning Services (PALS) will "adapt learning materials to the learner's context (time, device and location) and portfolio (learning history, skills and competencies)."

I'm all for delivering content based on the learner's context. This is already happening on the iPhone (eg. the Paris Metro augmented reality map). But I cannot see how micro-managing content delivery based on such ephemeral and hard to measure things as skills and competencies is ever going to work in a way that is useful to the learner.

Instead, shouldn't we be looking at a model that is based on recommendation (like the way Amazon markets its wares to you). People who use similar learning content, at similar levels create links that are used to suggest other pieces of content.

It's also the way Google ranks websites. Rather than analysing the learner to the nth degree (and somehow keeping that analysis up to date), we instead analyse their learning habits.

I'm all for automation in systems, but I try to follow the maxim "As simple as possible, as complex as necessary."

What do you think?

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