I would like to produce a package of blended learning aimed at school leavers, preparing them for office work. Pre-empting the usual in-house training provided by companies around communication and inter-personal skills, as well as basics of business literacy, spreadsheets etc. Anyone had any experience in this field?

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The transition forom full-time education to the world of work is proably one of the most important within our society - yet it is also, probably, the area receiving least attention.

My team have been working a programme within schools over the past year introducing pupils to our business sector (construction) delivering sessons in schools, setting up site visits (including the Oympic Village), and bringing motivational speakers, who work with our management teams, into schools to speak to the pupils. Not aimed at the transition ages specifically, and not skills focused, so maybe not what you're looking for - thought I would share anyway, as whilst it's too early to measure an impact, the kids have loved it, as have all our people who have been involved.
Hi Tony

In a previous role as Head of Training for a company, I was quite actively involved in various activities beeing run by government bodies around some of the issues that you have raised above. Generally these were based on exposing school leavers to a variety of activities which give them a feel for work-life and help to develop some of their behavioural competencies (eg teamworking, communication, drive for results etc). Advantage for the company in contributing to these events were in raising our profile and also having a potential pool of recruits available when we were recruiting into the business. We also had a programme for new school leavers (training placements) entering the business, run in conjunction with the local colleges and other training providers and this might help with some of the points you've raised as our goal was to fast track some of the skills highlighted. We used a variety of e-learning (for IT, some soft skill stuff plus other general company specific topics, experiential learning activities (using HOLT centres + internal run activities) and we also offered additional qualifications on top of the ones the college were offering (eg ECDL, NVQ's). We also encouraged them to do a Duke of Edinburgh Award, which we supported as a company. Generally those that came through this programme were identified as high performing achievers within the business.
This sounds very encouraging, thank you for responding.
That sounds great Steve, so this is aimed at motivating kids to really engage with work when they get there, instilling some ambitions and awareness of thier potential?



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