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Can anyone recommend any good instructional design training for producers of learning? I am supporting a team that can produce traditional learning and are able to use captivate however there is development required about the thought process and consideration for the learners needs to produce high quality interactive eLearning.

Some of the key areas that would be addressed through this training programme include:

- Storyboarding - what makes a great storyboard, why it is critical to the design, creative thinking to communicate key messages,
- Screen design to include placement, utilising white space, importance of consistency, use of activities vs. theory, - Adaptability of design to consider designing for use on mobile and traditional devices
- HCI theory
- Learner engagement - eLearning becomes fun as opposed to feeling like a Powerpoint click next.

Please could you share any thoughts or experience that you have in this area?



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Hi Sara, this is something we would be happy to help you with.  If you drop me a mail at nick.ramsay@junction-18.com I'd be happy to tell you more.  

Hi Nick,

That's great thank you, Chloe Small will drop you a note to further discuss.


Hello Sara, 

For a practical guide to what works best for learners, I would recommend 'elearning and the science of instruction' by Ruth Clark and Richard Mayer. They have done extensive research into the evidence about learning outcomes, to recommend a whole series of best practices. It's readable, with exercises.

Additionally, 'the really useful e learning instruction manual' by Rob Hubbard is a very handy summary of what someone with 20+ years of ID experience has in their head. 

The 'Rapid e-learning blog' by Tom Kuhlman is great for suggestions on how to create simple rapid e-learning. He uses Articulate Storyline but his techniques are applicable very widely. 

You can then decide which apps / vendors are best suited to the kinds of learners you have. 

If you need any more guidance, my team is putting together a booklist of useful reference works which I am happy to share with you. I am Head of ID at Kaplan: karen.quinton@kaplan.co.uk

Hi Sarah,

Kiln Design have run a number of great ID days, for gomo learning (my product) and for elearning in general. Highly recommended.



Hi Sara

We run a standard open enrolment ID classroom course which has been created in conjunction with Articulate but is application to any e-learning development or platform.


We can also deliver a range of custom on-site courses with agenda to meet your needs ranging from introduction to e-learning design through to more advanced topics.

If we can help, just mail me on graeme.youngs@omniplex.co.uk





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