Looking for suggestions for companies that would take on the end to end task of repurposing training materials for online, build new products, provide platforms and tools and throw some social learning into the mix. I have a bunch of the usual suspects in mind but who am I missing?

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Hi Katherine,

Not sure if Willow are on your usual suspects list, but we would very much like to be ;-)  

Hi Katherine,

Are you looking to outsource the end to end process of digital training or just to move to tools that allow better reuse and control?

As for missing anyone - hard to tell when we don't know who are the ones you currently have in mind. Just sayin'...


Hi Katherine, we very much like to help you with this challenge, we are doing the same thing for several organisations with similar goals.


We’d repurpose your existing content with our structured software platform to make it embedded into a user’s processes or application, automatically providing support in context to their role, with firstly the most relevant help and information, allowing them to delve deeper and link to or incorporate social media and any other resources (videos, policies, documents etc) located anywhere in your network or externally.  It is a task we can deliver as an end to end service to give your learners a new easy to use interface to all your learning and corporate resources without overloading them with irrelevant information.

The design idea is Help in 2 click and 10 seconds (Embedded, Context Sensitive, Just Enough) across any application or process..


Please see here for further details http://www.ontuitive.com/who-we-are/what-we-do


Happy to discuss anytime and arrange a demo.


Kind regards

Stuart Summers


tel 07502 244678



My organization has been into 'eLearning Refurbishment' part of it, this primarily includes the Instructional & Visual Enhancements of existing learning packages. not sure if you would count this in your 'Repurposing' activity. 

I would like to mention two things, which I can count in 'repurposing'

1. Interactive Training Manuals : document based (Doc/PPT/PDF) training materials like product manuals, brochures, etc; we have been transforming them into 'interactive' experiences fro the learners, by adding various instructional & interactive elements, like voice overs, Videos, embedded assessments, etc. 

2. Blended Learning Content: This is primarily the unification of the classroom content as well as the elearning content. What exactly we do is, we transform the instructor's PPT into a unique way, so that same format can be used by an Instructor in a classroom and same content can be given to a learner for self-paced learner.

This can be done vice versa; i.e., eLearning modules can be transformed into this formats, which can be used by instructors in the classrooms.


Hi Katherine,

HT2 may well be able to help you. We offer two main services:

  1. We can create bespoke learning solutions, where we work with you to design and deliver eLearning which is designed specifically for your organisation. There’s more information here http://www.ht2.co.uk/  
  2. We built the social eLearning platform Curatr (www.curatr3.com). With this, you can create as many courses as you like, and repurpose material where necessary. We’re big advocates of social learning, so Curatr is built around this. We have a demo on our website if you’d like to try it for yourself.

Drop me a line if you’d like to talk about this more.


Hi Katherine

Not sure if eCom are on you list of "usual suspects" but would love to take on the task!



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