Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody has experience of using the RWD Productivity Pak or Assima tools to support SAP documentation and elearning content development? How easy is it to maintain training content using theses tools and what is the feedback from end-users? Are there any other tools that you would recommend?


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Dear Declan,

We currently finish the selection about the authoring we will use to develop training material for our future LMS (SAP LSO).
We decided to go with TTS Knowledge Force, it was in competition with RWD Pack.

RWD has an automatic update function, it means if you change something in the core file (the document or e-learning) it will update directly the children files.
From my point of view, RWD integrated in the SAP environment is easier to use when you have end-user who are able to edit the content and make comments.
As you probably know, RWD has a collaborative function included, which allow users to share the feedback about functions, transactions and so on. It could be great to develop user groups.

The interesting thing with RWD and TTS is that both have the SAP-Help Function integration. It means that you could embedded the e-learning modules into the SAP Help function, and users could have access to the e-learning on the job.

Other tools:
TTS Knowledge Force (very great!!!) : http://www.tt-s.com/en/software/tt-knowledge-force.html
Hi Declan,

I think Assima is very invasive and potentially resource-hungry, as it actually clones your entire SAP system in order to build a simulation. I'm sure it makes your training very rich and accurate, but it must be more complex than the other tools and in my experience complexity is the enemy of reliability! By all means try it, but test very carefully to ensure it can handle your infrastructure, network speeds, desktop PC capacity etc etc.

I think you should also consider STT Trainer (www.stt-trainer.com) which allows you to generate demo's, simulations, testing, documentation and "moment-of-need" help linked to your SAP production environment. There's also a good add-on called STT Infoshare which allows you to manage all the content.

Hope that helps. If you want to know more, please reply to this, or you can find me on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/GordonWatsonSAP

I have worked with most of the major training tools over the last 11 years. In my curent role I have been helping Royal Mail select a training tool for a 25,000 end user SAP HR implementation. We considered 4 tools- STT, Assima, datango and SAP Productivity Pak (RWD UPerform rebranded). We down selected to SPP and datango. Initially datango were the frontrunners until an IT decision to maintain SAP products only and so we chose SPP. In terms of functionality they all have benefits. datango offered innovative solutions in terms of commercial arrangments, plus they have a unique navigaton help mode which is a key USP for the tool.

The key thing with any of the tools is to ensure a strategic view of its use and you should not limit it to a particular project. Most of the tools can be used for other IT systems under licensing arrangements. Happy to share information to members individually.
Hi Declan

Here at Surrey County Council we have used Prod Pak to produce e-Learning, simulations and work instructions. The
e-Learning was very well received although, due to the absence of an LMS, we had to use a link to SurveyMonkey to capture results. Most users like the simulations and the authors were able to amend areas of this on a step-by-step basis should the need arise. The work instructions are based on a template to ensure the same look and feel but this ended up beign quite restrictive and not really to users taste as they became quite technical in appearance.

While it is easy enough to maintain doucments, server housekeeping has been a bit difficult. For example if you delete obsolete content it is still sitting on the server just not visible and we have had to get calls out to RWD to remove it. One of my team has built up a good level of expertise now so we are quite self-serving but this has taken him away from his core responsiblities.
Hi Declan,

I've used User Productivity Kit (UPK) a lot which was specifically design for both SAP and Oracle software.
It works extremly well as it has a complete workflow / content management system attached to it to handle maintenance & updated.

It outputs to multiple formats - eLearning / HTML / Trainer guide / Job Aid / Test script etc.

Feedback from end users has been very good, especially for the context sensitive help integration aspect - where they can call up an bite sized eLearning topic relevant to the screen they are on directly from the application.

Let me know if you want any more info.



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