Sept 21st 2010: Using live online training as part of a successful learning blend, Charles Gould and Matt Turner

Live online training has captured the imagination of many L&D professionals - with a 23% increase in corporate use according to The Towards Maturity 2009 benchmark survey. In many ways, live online training straddles the gap between traditional face-to-face training and e-learning. It can complement 'pure' e-learning and brings many of the same benefits: no travel costs, less staff down-time etc. But, how effective is it? And how do you successfully implement a programme of live online training as part of your training strategy? What do you need to consider? What are the benefits? The pitfalls? And how do you prepare your learners so that the take up is high and the experience is interactive and actionable. Join the webinar to find out:

• What new skills do trainers need?
• Do all topics work live and online?
• Tricks to maintain interactivity and enhance learning
• How to make the learning actionable
• Five top tips for success


For a PDF of the presentation see below.

A copy of the chat session will be available shortly.


Unfortunately, owing to a technical error, there is no recording of this session (well, there is, but it stops after 11 minutes for an unknown reason). As an alternative, you can download Brightwave’s white paper 'How to implement successful live online training' here:

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sorry, but where is the text chat ?
Will the recording be made avaialable?
Please let me know if the recording of the presentation will be available by tomorrow, I am writing a review document on blended learning and this would be a useful appendix. Cheers!
Guys, apologies, but the recording for this session failed for an unknown techincal reason. As an alternative, can I recommend instead reading the white paper (see link above)?
Such a shame you've lost the recording. I wanted to analyse the process which took me from frustration at what I saw initially as a very ill-prepared and badly presented offering to a real involvement in a very lively and incisive chat session - very clever facilitation and the principles behind the success need to be captured and recorded



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