Sharing some thoughts about online collaboration, Introverts and solitude

Here are some reflections after reading part of Susan Cains book 'Quiet. The power of introverts in a world that cant stop talking'

Any thoughts?

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I like this - I'll definitely look that book out.

I've noted reference to similar comments - possibly from the same source in Guy Claxton's New kind of Smart where he mentions brain storming tending to be dominated by extroverts and that the first 'top of the head' ideas being less valuable, and this encouraging others(introverts?) indulging in 'social loafing' [or probably drawing themselves mind maps in the background!]. Peter Heslin's 'brain writing' is suggested as an alternative... But there is also a large section on needing to learn the skills to work together in collaboration too - introverts will need to learn to be heard I think as well as extroverts learning to listen.

I note the rather negative connotation 'loafing' here as in the term 'lurkers' - (We?) introverts (and I assume most loafers and lurkers are) love lurking because we like learning stuff but should we feel guilty? I'm sure the ideas/contributions come out at some point and agree that the online environment can/should support this - the development of online communities that bring together like minded people who want to get into the detail is a great way for anyone to develop ideas for sharing.

I do think workplaces these days are too fast paced and move on from the initial ideas phase without waiting for the more thoughtful ideas to come through.

Do introverts perhaps have a tendancy to work through their ideas too far before surfacing them and reject them or end up raising the problems that need attention and are therefore not seen as having positive attitudes?

This also reminded me of a quote:

 "The Orkneyman also speaks deliberately, and is not given to overmuch speaking of any kind. He seems to believe the saying that 'a man can't learn much by hearing himself talk' " ( ) the 'saying' is quoted in a book by J Gunn in poss 1932?, not sure who attributed to at that time, but if googled today is attributed to George Clooney...

Definitely agree that getting introverts to share the contents of their 'suitcases' should be a valuable exercise.

Perhaps, although there are clearly people who are 'extroverts' and 'introverts', it'd be more useful to think of behaviours rather than labels so that there is 'permission' for introverts to occasionally behave in a more extrovert, sharing way and extroverts to be more introvert and reflective too?


Hi Inga

Thanks for your comments and ideas.Such an interesting topic

Re your point about behaviours, There's an interesting chapter in the book by Susan Cain called 'When should you (Introverts) act more extroverted. A quote from the book "Introverts are capable of acting like extroverts for the sake of work they consider important, people they love, or anything they value highly"

Wired mag (May 2012) has an article on creativity which is critical of brainstorming.

In the same issue an article on Flipping.



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