Hi all


Does anyone know of training simulation software which can do the following:


Reflect or record the actions of a live software environment

Allow users to complete the simulation in a non linear way (ie don't have to fill boxes in a specific order)

Evaluate success based on an end output or from key stages in the process




Implementing a major software change with a massive training programme. Looking to evaluate knowledge implentation rather than just retention in a safe envirnment and be able to analyse those results.


Many thanks for your input!

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I have not tried these myself, but maybe these are of reference - further investigation would be required.



Assima just bought Kaplan's training technologies.

http://www.assima.net/news-190112.html - this article also lists other products.

Internally I use Captivate - but my audience is only a small audience with limited needs.

Go take a look at Epiplex500.  I used this some time ago and although not cheap was able to pick up all the key strokes as well as F keys the system used.  I was very impressed.

I am interested in how / why you will allow people to use a software tool not in a linear manner? Will it be for performance support using lots of small snippets? Otherwise surely they will have to learn a process in a linear manner. You could not learn to change the font in a word processor training program before you had opened a document and typed the font.


Hi Neil

Thanks for the info

The reason for the non linear approach is that the software has multiple access menus - i.e people can complete an action in a number of correct ways.

If we're looking to build an "end result" assessment a linear approach won't work in this instance...

I also think Phil's comment about Captivate is true too.  Further the new StoryLine product also states it does simulation but have not tried it yet.

Difference between Captivate and Epiplex is the automated pick up of shortcut keys but to be honest Captivate probably is easier to use and a little more versatile around the 'learning' that can be added.  And much cheaper! Epiplex is just the simulation, which it does very well..

OK on the non linear approach!

I think pretty much everything you have described can be achieved with Adobe Captivate: http://www.adobe.com/uk/products/captivate.html


My company have used both Assima and Captivate. Although I have not used the software myself, I have seen the outputs which I think would address some if not all of your issues.

I think each has its own quirks, so I would suggets further investigation.


Hope this helps,





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