Hi Folks,


I am co-facilitating a session on the afternoon of Day 2 LT11 on the subject of 'Taking The Next Step...

If you are just starting your journey with learning technologies but are unsure as to where to start, don’t worry!  

 I was in your shoes last year but over the past 12 months I've gained a great deal of experience in using current and emerging learning technologies. During this session I hope to be able to enthuse you to leave LT11 with the same passion and energy that I left LT10 with, along with some tips on getting started with a range of great tools in a practical way. Paul Simbeck-Hampson will also be co-facilitating this session and will introduce you to a range of tools and ideas that should cost you little to implement beyond a little imagination and energy.


If you’re not sure where to start, start here..... right here... right here in this forum!

Instead of leaving your questions to the 17th January, why not start asking them right here?


I'll be using Twitter a great deal during my session, as I'm sure a lot of other speakers and attendees will be doing. Don't be like I was in 2010 and miss out on the Tweeting and the backchannel conversations, why not set yourself up a free account up right now and start engaging with other attendees, before, duiring and even after LT11 has finished.


If you are planning to attend this session then why not leave a reply in this forum and we can start your journey together....

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Hi Mattias,


It sounds like you and I are very much in the same boat in terms of helping our organisations make the transition from f2f learning events and traditional self-paced elearning to a more 'blended' approach using the range of Web 2.0 and associated technologies that are available.


I can't say that I am too far down this road of change as I work in a very risk-averse, traditional organisation with an IT department who openly criticise and frown upon innovation, but I have been having some 'unofficial' success which I intend to share with everybody attending this session at LT11UK and hopefully via this LSG forum too.


Are there any specific tools that you intend to use in the future?



Hi Craig,


Yes it definitely seems like we are on the same track. At this point in time I am very much planting ideas on how social tools could be used in our organisation any time I get a chance. My idea is that if you plant enough seeds finally one of them will start to grow.


When it comes to tools that we will use I don't know today. There is an ongoing solution study which I am not a part of (other than by just constantly harrasing them with questions, ideas and reminders of how fantastic it would be if we had access to collaboration tools, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and so on.) So I can't say that there is a specific tool I am interested in. I am more interested in hearing your stories on how you approached it and how you won your victiories (no matter how small or big they are). 





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