The CIPD/Cornerstone OnDemand Learning and Talent Development Survey 2012,

Forgive me for being cynical, but the annual CIPD Learning and Talent Development Survey which has always been the state of the nation in L&D trends has taken a twist!

This year it has been conducted in PARTNERSHIP with Cornerstone OnDemand, so the question is, how impartial is the survey?

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Hi William,

That's a good questions and one I agree with.  I've contacted the CIPD regarding this and am waiting for a reply.  If I get one I'll post the response on here.

Page 39 of the survey (acknowledgements) says, "We would also like to thank our partner Cornerstone OnDemand for their support and involvement."  There is no indication as to what "suppoer" or "involvement" actually means.

Watch this space! . . 


Hi William, I'm all for taking a good look at the motives behind actions, but in this case I'd be very surprised if Cornerstone OnDemand were allowed - or even wanted - to influence the results of the survey. They're both grown-up organisations, and the reputational damage to both the CIPD and to Cornerstone would far outweigh any benefit either could hope to gain.



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