The future of digital learning experiences, Alan Hiddleston, D2L

Many organisations are now realising that their historical approach to eLearning is not delivering, while participation in classroom training is on a downward trend as learners seek more digital learning options that will fit with their schedule. More than ever, companies are being challenged to deliver a solution to the increased demand for skills development that will allow their employees to keep up with today’s frantic pace of industry change. Furthermore, today’s workforce values L&D opportunities more than they do salary and with the primary channel for everything moving towards digital there can be no question that companies must improve their digital learning offering.
So digital transformation of learning is the solution but what does that look like in terms of new and different learner experiences?
It definitely means new technology and a change in learning culture, it also means that things will need to be able to evolve rapidly to meet future demands.
In this webinar D2L will look at the ways in which it is helping organisations to create meaningful digital learning experiences that are centered around specific action points (“doing”) and enabled by technology. In this context we’re using an approach that we call agile learning which comprises 5 key areas.

  • Highly customised and branded experience for organisations
  • Social assessment driving learning by doing and collecting social feedback to achieve results
  • Personalisation for learners at scale – the experience that they have in the internet today
  • Analytics that go beyond compliance to understand how learners are learning in a digital world
  • Harnessing expert power by enabling subject matter experts to author engaging digital content

Click for the recording of this webinar

See below for a PDF of the presentation and the raw text chat (needs Chrome, or other non-IE browser).

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Hello everyone 

Please see a summary of the webinar I have drafted as part of a book chapter on the university of the future.


Cheers, Dr Anthony 'Skip' Basiel



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