I'm doing some research about what new equipment we can buy to re-furbish the training rooms in our organisation. Hence would love to hear your feedback about any new training/meeting related equipment you are using, or would like to use, in your training rooms.

We already have some of the basic stuff like overhead projectors, flip chart boards, etc. However what I'm looking for is a wishlist of new and effective equipments to use on training rooms.

Thanks in advance.

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I have seen some special paint you can buy that turns your wall into a blackboard! its an amazing twist on a flipchart/whiteboard!!
Thanks for your reply Sally.  I will defenitely consider that for our wishlist.
eBeam looks like an amazing bit of kit if you need a "recordable" whiteboard.

Hi Ceri, thanks for your reply.  Do you (or anyone else in this forum) know whether the eBeam is any different from smartboards? I had a quick look at their website, but not yet sure how it compares with smartboards.

Smart Boards are a good piece of technology that supports video/audio and virtual classrooms as well as being used as a standard white that records anything you write on it

Hi Victoria,

Thanks for your reply.  We've got couple of smartboards in our training rooms, but I think they are from an ancient version of the technology.  Most of our trainers have admitted that they hardly ever use it, but then again I honestly think that's more because we're not aware of the full potential of the technology.


From your post - it sounds like you are using Smart boards effectively, which I would really appreciate to hear more about and learn from you.  Would it be possible to get in touch with you, via a quick phone call maybe?


Thanks agains for your help.



Yes I've been looking at some equipment lately too and the smartboards definitely look good. I like that you can download the screen onto a pc and so saving on time by having to copy whats on it etc, and also makes it easier to distribute to participants. I ordered 2 tablets to work with it too for ease of use.

We  turned one of the training room walls into a magnetic whiteboard by papering over. Great as a visual for sticking bits up etc etc and getting a large group to brainstorm

We bought a Mimio smartboard last year and it has not been used yet. Why?


It's a good example of how difficult it can be for L&D professionals to change from the traditional means of delivering training despite being initially dazzled by the bells and whistles of new technology and the sales pitch. Flipcharts and Powerpoint slides are in our comfort zone, there is a fear of trying anything new although "not enough time" and "not sure how it is better than what I am already doing" is often used as an excuse, but fear of failure and loss of control (the traditional view of instructor as powerful, learner as the empty vessel to pour knowledge into) is at the root.


But let's not get too negative. Flipcharts and Powerpoint were once new innovations in the classroom which we feared, but we overcame. So as L&D leaders we have to lead by example and role model using new technology, and (yes) risk failure - not expect others to do it (and risk failure).


Hey, I've just motivated myself to blow the dust off the Minio smartboard......... will report back (if I still have a job).



Smartboards are all well and good, but as as in the previous reply they sit anf don't get used and go dusty.  The eBeam ( from what I understand) turns a normal wall and normal projector into a smartboard.  To restictive size and shape issues and no new buttons and speical instructions to read.  Just use it like a normal whiteboard and pen and you can download, print and even video conference with other offices who can then see what you are whiteboarding.

Wow - what a quick response! Thanks!


The eBeam defenitely sounds very interesting. One of the grudges that our trainers have with using smartboards is that when they are trying to write something (using what I think is called a smart pen) the digital marking on the board doesn't capture all their writing and doesnt keep up with their speed of writing (hope that made sense :)   So they resort back to using it as a regular whiteboard or use flipcharts boards (which are 100% reliable... as long as the marker pen doesn't run out).


Hopefully the ebeam technology doesn't have these flaws. I will defenitely consider it for our wishlist.


Thanks again for your help.

Hi Phil,

You could probably gather from my reply to Victoria - that our organisation is quite the same as yours. Most of our trainers, hardly ever use the smartboards for their classroom training.  As you said, the real challenge is not buying new technology, but selling it back to the people who can use those tools to improve what they do.


Hopefully we can learn from other organisations, who have successfully motivated their trainers to use these equipment frequently and effectively. 



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