We have recently started using Turnitin at Salford. We currently recommend that staff setup the final assignment area with the revision assignment area next to it for each assignment.

However, I am trying to work out whether there is a downside in recommending to lecturers (where they think it's appropriate), they can setup one revision area for their entire module. Regardless of the assignment, students can submit to the single revision area for that module. this would save the lecturer considerable time.


Is there a downside to this?


thank you :-)

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Hi Amina

One suggestion if it helps. Which VLE system are you using in the university? If you are using Moodle then there is an integration of Turnitin with Moodle which can easily be implemented. Student upload the assignment to the VLE and then it will be tested by turnitin. Tutors do not need to review the assignment on Turnitin.This is only a suggestion. But the above solution that you presented will definitely work and I dont thing there should be any downside of this.


Best regards



Thanks Muhammed

we have integrated Turnitin with Blackboard and it all works fine. It's the way that tutors setup the revision area that's a pain. I can't see why, if they want their students to be able to submit all assignments to see an originality report, they can't have one revision assignment area for the whole module. to save them time setting up a revision area for each assignment they set.


thanks for your input




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