Does anyone have any expeience about using Vimeo in place of YouTube or other archive sites?

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Yes I have some limited experience of uploading short videos to Vimeo, created for someone else and added to their account. It seems to work in a fairly similar way to YouTube with user accounts (channels), setting security properties for individual videos (e.g. who can see them, permission to comment etc.), and accepts normal file formats include HD (I have created .mov Quicktime files from Final Cut on a Mac).

I see Vimeo offers basic (free) and 'plus' (paid for) account options. Interestingly while YouTube is currently blocked by our company IT policies, Vimeo is apparently not.

Overall we are trying to raise awareness and generate interest in establishing a proper internal video share platform for our multinational organisation, given that we're all surrounded by the likes of YouTube etc. for the 16h a day when we're not in work. In my view video sharing has huge potential if managed properly. But then I'm probably preaching to the converted...?!

Hope this may be of some help,



I appreciate your balanced response.  We too (Fujifilm) have blocking issues as do some of our 'video recipients'.  With my limited viewing of Vimeo it seems a lot less commercial and a little more directed at the professional, although only time will tell. 

I think video sharing websites have a lot of value but I also think there's a lot of rubbish in cyberspace. 

Thanks again for your thoughts.





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