Hi, does anyone have recommendations for vendors delivering any sorts of Train the Trainer on how to train and/or present via Virtual Classroom technology / WebEx?
Thanks for your tips!

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Hi Andrea,

Brightwave deliver bespoke virtual classrooms, and although they don't currently offer 'train the trainer' sessions, this might be something we can help you with. Happy to put you in touch if you'd like.

Another option is to consider becoming a COLF (Certified Online Learning Facilitator) run by the LPI.

All the best


I was going to suggest the COLF course - I've done it and found it transformational and really useful not just for online facilitation. Happy to share experiences....

Definitely COLF! I hope we get some commission for all these recommendations! I apply the learnings from this all the time. Learnt both online facilitation and the basics of Webex Training Center.  Again, happy to share any more thoughts / answer questions.

The LPI people quite often run taster webinars also.



Many thanks for these recommendations!

Hi Andrea,

I can recommend the TAP 'eLEarning Facilitation' course: http://www.tap-training.com/page/courses/elearning_facilitation.html

Hope this helps


Hi Andrea, 

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to promote myself here, but this is something we offer...



Dear Barry I was disappointed with not only the complexity but also the marketing requirement involved in accessing your "free" books on online learning/meetings. I am not prepared to endorse something I haven’t read, especially through my Facebook account which is just for friends and working in a corporate environment my PC is set to reject downloads of unauthorised software. We also don’t use Microsoft Outlook so I was not able to post this on your website.

Hi Linda, 

I'm sorry to hear that, but I do understand what you mean and I take that feedback on board. We set things up that way to avoid the typical email harvesting approach that so many people take. We're planning a few website changes so it's always good to know what people think.

Here are the direct download links to the ebooks:

Live Online Learning

Online Meetings

Media Chemistry

If it would be more convenient for me to email them to you, just drop me a line at barry@onlignment.com

All the best


PS. I wasn't sure what you meant about not being able to post this on our site because you don't use Outlook. If you let me know what the problem was I'll do my very best to resolve it. 


Hi Barry

Thanks for the speedy response - much appreciated.  The thing with the email is that when you click on the link it opens Outlook and we use Novell GroupWise here so I have to cut and paste.  I don't think it's anything you can resolve, other than perhaps providing the email address as ordinary text as well as a hyperlink?

Thanks again


My pleasure.

I'll see if there's anything we can do about the email link. 


Hi Barry

I tried the links and all was well.  I was able to save and print.  I haven't yet read the materials but on first site they look excellent.  Many thanks for sharing.

Thanks :)



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