We are told by the people who know about these things, that you stand to get more out of an event if you actually go there with a specific goal.

So.... as the official (ahem) Twitter-wrangler of the conference, let me ask you: What are you hoping to get out of the conference? And how are you going to set about achieving that goal?

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Hi Karyn,


As a relative newcomer to the world of LT I am hoping to build upon my initial experiences from LT10.


Whilst I took little 'tangible' material back with me to my organisation following LT10, what I did acquire was a MASSIVE amount of inspiration from the event and the people there; so much so that my organisation subsequently identified a 'gap' in it's structure and created a Communications Technlogist role (you and I might call it a Learning Technologist role, but it's a bit political so don't ask!)


Since then I have been having a bit of a battle using technology to provide performance support materials/collaborative platforms etc to our workforce. I believe that there are a couple of reasons for this

  1. There is no risk (at the moment) of not using technology related interventions at the moment (as we are doing very nicely - thank you very much)
  2. We are an EXTREMELY compliance-focussed organisation and of course as we know, the only way you can deliver compliance material is via face-to-face or self-paced elearning ;-)
  3. Our Innovation Prevention Department (IT) seem to hold the belief that 'they' know what L&D related tools we need best (so much so, that I got a slapped wrist for suggesting a potential solution to a problem - "don't give us the solution, give us the problem") erm... sorry... what?!
  4. I kinda get the feeling that we have 'hit our ceiling' with the use of self-paced elearning.

So in answer to your question here's what I am hoping to get out of LT11:

  1. Confirmation that I am not living with my head in the clouds and that people/organisation really are doing this stuff!
  2. Some ideas as to how others have won their own battles within their own orgs.
  3. What is next for Learning Technologies as a whole, we know what Web 2.0 looks like, but what's around the corner?
  4. The opportunity to speak to others on the subject of 'getting started with Learning Technologies, as I have a session on the afternoon of Day 2 and would really like to add a spark of inspiration to just one first-time attendee (as I was as LT10)
  5. Some professional interest... seriously! As I have alluded to above my org is reluctant/unable to move beyond simple self-paced elearning so a lot of my passion and interest is being laid to waste.... Lord Sugar, if you're reading this... ;-)
  6. Catch up with old friends and meet new ones.


What about the rest of you folks????

As last year, I'm sending my dispersed team (all 1.6 of them!) to the conference & exhibition to garner new ideas and inspiration for our our learning delivery (and their own professional development), whilst I'll slope in to the Exhibition to have a nosey and meet up with them for an update and quick f2f team meeting one one of the days still to be decided.  After that, we'll pool our findings and see what common ideas/trends/tools/people inspire us and we can take forward to enhance our service.

Hi Karyn,

I am really looking forward to LT11. Since it is my first LT I really don't know what to expect but I hope it will be a great Learning experience. My goals are:


* To get to meet at least parts of my Personal Learning Network in real life and not just via Twitter.

* To extend my Personal Learning Network.

* To be inspired and challenged by the speakers.

* To have loads of fun.

And after reading the answer from Craig, to meet up with him to discuss how we can fight the IT-department (I have exactly the same experience from working with our Innovation Prevention Department).

Hi Mattias


I don't recommend 'fighting' the IT department. They are the Gatekeepers of No. They shouldn't be, but they are. It's a legacy of the days when they were the only people who understood the alchemy that made the mysterious machines go. Those days are past, but they still have the ear of the C-level managers.


Instead, I recommend making friends with them. Find a few allies. Do your research. Reassure them and win them over. Read the Internet Time Alliance's book The Working Smarter Fieldbook for ammunition (if the US military can use social media, they must be pretty safe, right?)


Second, make friends with the CFO, because the use of social tools is going to have an impact on the organisation that will be music to his/her ears. Let's bear in mind that CFOs operate on the law of diminishing returns: they want to achieve more and more while spending less and less!


I'm sure you will find loads to inspire you at the conference, and you will meet many very interesting people... including me ;o)

Karyn, you took the words right out of my mouth! Make friends with IT...

Pity I can't be at LT2011UK this time. But I'm looking forward to seeing all the write-ups.


You will be missed, Mark.

It was just too expensive to justify the business case... :-(


That's a pity Mark, would've been great to catch up on what you've been up to over a beer.

We don't have to pay to go to a conference for that, Craig. I might be coming down to the exhibition. Perhaps we could meet up anyway.





Hi Mattias,


As Karen alludes to in the post above, there are quite a few 'risk-averse' organisations who have woken up to the use of Social Media including a few elements within the Nuclear Industry (a very traditional, slow-moving, beauracractic, civil-service orientated, risk averse sector). I reference a few of these organisations and those further afield in this interview.

Thanks for that link, Craig. Good to see the message getting out there.



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