The fourth Learning and Skills Group Conference takes place on Tuesday 14th June at Olympia 2 in London. It's the follow up session to January's Learning Technologies Conference, with interactive sessions and plenty of time to get into the subjects that matter - whether it's social learning, new technologies or learning systems.


If you're attending the LSG Conference, what are you hoping to get out of it? If you've been before, what have you got out of it in previous years? The conference is all about conversations around learning, so let's get them started!

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This is my first year attending, so I'm basically going to be soaking up ideas and thoughts from the speakers and other attendees.



Really eager to attend, especially after experiencing great speakers and ideas in January this year, however havn't recieved the invite for the event. Have written to Mark Penton. Look forward the event.
Chairing 3 great speakers (Alicia Sanchez, David Wilson and Clive Shepherd); hope I can keep them to time!
I'm really looking forward to the conference and hearing Clive Shepherd, Julie Wedgwood and of course supporting my colleague Mike Collins. Also looking forward to finally meeting up with some fellow tweeters!

See you there!

I'm looking forward to this years conference. I hoping to learn more about knowledge management & communities of practice. Also, i'm getting my teeth stuck into working based learning, its accreditation and the process of applying QA to exsisting training to support this, so any information, best practice, lessons learnt et al is most welcome :)
Really looking forward to my first ever LSG conference. Hoping for pragmatic advice about on-line content design, management and publishing. We hope to provide more of our material on-line over the next couple of years and I am keen to get a good start with that project.  
I'm looking forward to meeting new people, hearing inspiring talks and gathering some good ideas. From previous experience I've found that there's usually two or three things that 'stick' and actually get put into practice! These conferences are also a great way of building confidence in what you're already doing and realising that you're on the right track.

I'm looking forward to engaging my brain and networking with a bunch of people who I've got to know well online and not quite so well in the real world.

I'm looking for new perspectives and I hope a few new ideas to inspire. As ever, I expect it to be a day of sharing, listening, challenging and meeting new 'experts'. I've changed roles recently and I've had less time to network; I want to know what (and who) I've missed!



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