I’m researching innovative tools used to create E-learning content that could be created by only a few employees in a private business for training.  Would anyone mind sharing his or her experience? We have used Camtasia in the past and prefer not to use an LMS if possible.

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Hello Jamee

I think it would help people reply if you gave a little more info about the kind of elearning you need to make - for example system simulation/screenshot type stuff or soft skills / branching scenarios or linear tutorials.

Hi Jamee

As Norman says I think we need a bit more detail about what you want to do (then we can worry about specific tools etc).

I use Camtasia studio for screencast videos for software training and capturing webinars/PPT presentations. I played with Articulate Storyline for 'e-learning'/support resources and it looks good (but it costs) but something like UDUTU (online - is free).

I don't use an LMS because we are more interested in support and resources rather than courses per se and so I use our corporate Sharepoint site to host resources but I try and give it a good look by using wiki pages/web parts to provide a better user experience over just a list of resources.

Thank you both for replying.  I must confess my profession has been teaching elementary students for ten plus years, so I'm out of my element here. If I use incorrect lingo, that is why.  I'm working on a research project for a friend's company.  They have used still shots and basic video through camtasia mostly to show their engineers how to operate computer equipment and programs.  The results were extremely basic.

My job is to simply see what is out there by way of creating content that is more engaging and preferably created in house.  Any option is to be considered, gaming, tutorial, interactive, video, etc... This site has been invaluable to me because I have been able to watch the videos and read the content of others, but some of the content I've found is from a year ago.  I'm not concerned about keeping the cost to a minimum, and any and all suggestions are welcome. Remember, I'm new to this so I may have to ask for explanations of terminology.  Google has become my best friend in this endeavor. 

Also, I'm going to find out more specific details and will reply again.

Are you also looking at mobile learning? 

Hi Jamee

I use Captivate and Camtasia daily and can recommend them both as rapid creation tools, whether I would call them innovative though is another thing. They do what a few other similar tools do and do it very well so in that respect they can't be faulted and neither is dependant on an LMS for production. They do also offer some pretty good extensions to the basics if you dig deep enough.


The innovative stuff is really coming out of e-learning houses and seems to centre around the use of HTML5 in favour of a web-type experience of scrolling down rather than the "click next" approach. It's a really exciting development both from the user experience - an intuitive way of moving through a package, and technically - allowing the material to be easily used on a number of devices.


Being innovative and new it hasn't really made it to the 'off the shelf' software that you or I can get hold of so, either you need someone with the HTML5 skills, or buying the services of the companies using this method.


Hope that helps in some way



Thank you for your input.  I'm finding that Camstasia, Captivate, Storyline, and Lectora seem to be the most universally common, frequently used authoring tools. My friend/employer wants to keep it all in house so using any outside source right now wouldn't work for us, but I will definitely look into it. 

Any recommendations for cameras/ recording devices to produce quality video, or does it necessarily make a difference? I know there are a variety of cameras to choose from, but I saw that Panasonic does many training videos for their engineers simply using iPhones which is what our business has done as well.  Although it is quickly accessible, simple, and easy, an unsteady hand doesn't produce professional results.


Hi Jamee

Yes, you really can't go far wrong with any of the main players in authoring tools, they each offer something slightly different but with similar results it's just that some require more practice to achieve good results.


It's similar with video. I'd be surprised if you can find a camera these days that doesn't record to a fair quality be it handheld or on a smart phone. By the time you've editted it and tried to optimise the file size for streaming you probably won't be working to the very high resolutions anyway so you're better off finding something which offers you ease of use at a good price rather than highest quality output. Even resting a phone on a something solid can offer reasonable results but avoid The Blair witch Project (does anyone remember that? Google it if not!)



Hi Jamee,


There is Panasonic and Panasonic, it's a big place. I created training e-learning for Panasonic Systems for comms products, but I had a professional Panasonic HD camera and a green room. However I also produced event videos using a small handheld TA1 camcorder.


I would suggest that you get the best camera your budget will allow as the results will pay dividends.


Thank you, Bob, for your recommendation.

Look into: http://tincanapi.com/ - for experience based learning

http://www.curatr3.com/overview/features/ - for social elearning/curration/games (and it can use the experience api)

Come to the free (London) http://www.learningtechnologies.co.uk/ exhibition where you can see what is on offer .

Thanks for the info, Julian. I should have looked into arrangements to attend the conference a while ago, but I live in the United States and can't make it happen this year.  So, I will have to wait for the new videos to be posted.



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