What do you want to do differently as a result of attending #LT15UK next week?

Learning Technologies 2015 is only a week away now and looks like it is going to be bigger than ever...

It's always exciting to hear the latest news and ideas whilst networking with colleagues. Plus, the exhibition is now filled with seminars featuring some seriously meaty ideas (not just product demonstrations!). The trouble is, the the whole process can get a bit overwhelming - that is, unless we have a clear objective in mind!

What do you want to be able to do differently as a result of attending the show?

Personally, I'm always on the look out for practical ways that L&D leaders can really add bottom line value to business and what changes we should be making to our business approach that will have a direct impact on stakeholder engagement.

It would be great to start the conversations here before we arrive at Olympia but it's also worth checking out the new Share and Learn activities at the exhibition.

These include the chance to crowdsource solutions to the big L&D questions every lunchtime with TrainingZone and the opportunity to swap ideas with experts from the conference at the eXchanges.

See you there!


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Hi Laura

I am going to the show with quite a personal agenda. As a freelancer, I find I am constantly needing to upgrade my skills to keep up with the changing trends in L&D. Although I am essentially a writer, I am also a learning designer and developer. I know my limits and I am not a graphic designer, web developer or video artist. But I do recognise I need to know about all of these to be effective. Sooo, I am taking a long hard look at my skill mix and trying to see how I can collaborate best with others who do have these skills and how to explain to others what it is I actually do so that I work on contracts that are a good fit for me. Which is why I am over the moon to be booked in with one of your eXchanges with Patti Shank. Such a great idea - thank you.

Hi Jane -thanks for the feedback

Good that you got a place with Patti- the exchanges have been great over the last few years - small groups discussing the things that matter with the people that know!  Also some of the free seminars look really good in this space as well.


Quick update-

LT, Training Zone and Towards Maturity are running a poll on the Share and Learn LT page to find out the that the top takeaways  that visitors are looking for. These are the most popular areas so far:

  • How do I engage my learners more effectively in online learning? voted for by 45%

  • How can I best embed learning throughout the workplace experience? 38%

  • How can I add MOOCs to my learning strategy? 34%

  • How do I set up a learning community of practice throughout my organisation? 31%

For me I'm not surprised to see engagement as number one! Get the foundations for this right and we'll be on a roll!

TrainingZone will be hosting a crowdsourcing session in the Generate Zone (stand 418) at 12 noon where we can come up with practical answers to these questions and more. It's new for this year's LT but should be a fun way to meet people, network and have our big problems solved all at the same time!

Hi Laura,

Sad to be missing LT this year but my key aim whenever I go is be inspired.  Christmas has happened, January has arrived with the dull weather.  I need a bit of spice and inspiration.  So I used to count LT as successful if I came away with a single idea that sparked me and helped me make a positive difference.

Enjoy it!

We'll miss you but the great thing about social media is that we can still get (and add!) a touch of spice and inspiration without the commute!

I think for many people they will go and see what the messages are and what the trends are and the ask themselves that question after the event.


My aim is to find out more about more about 70:20:10 in action, hence why I have signed up for the Charles Jennings seminar.

Hi Bob - I agree that it's a fab place to be inspired about the possible but I also think those who go with specific questions in mind are more likely to come away with practical answers that they can do something with as soon as they get back. 

On the 70:20:10 front, you might also want to check out the eXchange with Kandy WOodfield from NatCen Social Research - she's had some amazing experiences with implementing a culture of sharing and will be running a small group discussion 11.20 tomorrow am on exchange stand 88.

More detailshere.

Thanks for that, sadly I'm there on Thursday other wise that would have been a must have session!



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