Looking for recommendations of companies that offer blended learning design courses. Also need stuff around delivery - confidence in delivery/creative delivery? Any ideas?

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Hi Amanda


I would recommend Kineo. Mark Harrison is a good contact. I have participated in blended learning training he and a few other very talented members of their team delivered in the past and I recently commissioned them to deliver elearning design training to some of our L&D officers with outstanding feedback.


Happy to put you in touch if you'd like.



Hi Amanda,

I work for a company called Tintisha Technologies. We develop e-learning resources included blended e-learning, and would be happy to discuss your requirements. We work closely with LSIS on many of their most successful courses, and won a BETT award back in 2009 for one of those courses.

You can contact me at rich[at]tintisha[dot]net

All the best


Creative Director

Hi Amanda,
Although I am presently developing custom blended learning instructional design workshops for my own organisation, here is an option.

Also, if a Change Management approach is needed for L&D executives to understand learning and blended learning, and without focussing on any technologies, I can suggest the four day Level 4 accredited BTEC in eLearning, NetSkills, Newcastle University - delivered in house or locally. Perhaps ignore the title - I would take out the term 'eLearning' and replace it with 'Learning Today'. (An L&D executive at the end of the course I completed exclaimed 'Certainly an eye-opener!' Best regards. Steven Goodwin

Hi Amanda, we at imaginary develop serious games in particular designed for soft skills training or behavioural training/change

have you considered using this approach?

happy to discuss: lucia.pannese@i-maginary.it 

kind regards Lucia



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