hi everyone


I am looking for a piece for video editing software (to purchase if it is not a free one!) that does more than Wondows movie maker, to develop training videos inhouse.


I use Windows PC, not a Mac.


Any ideas anyone has or any experience they can share would be great - its so confusing out there in the market!




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Some great bits of advice there everyone, thanks so much. I will mull over and let you know what I go for in the end and how I get on!


Most importantly if they have one I will make the most of the free trials first!!

Hi Power Director has a free trial with no restrictions, no water marks it just stops working at the end of 30 days

Hi Sally,

I am coming to this thread late but I would agree with Jonathan and recommend Cyberlink PowerDirector. It produces high quality output and is very user-friendly even for an absolute beginner. It also has an excellent help section with several tutorial videos that walk you through the process. It is only around £60 but like many others it has a 30 day fully functioning free trial period.



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