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Can Google Images be used within my e-learning, as all the images say 'may be subject to copyright' on the Google site.


Also, are there any other suggestions for sites like istockphoto.com and free microsoft clipart?


Many Thanks

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I believe you need to check each individual image to ascertain whether it is in the public domain or not.

Google has a policy on copyright infringement here:


Hope this helps


Hi Anju,

I would steer clear of Google Images, as these are just scraped off any and every website.

I tend to use morguefile.com for a lot of my images. They are royalty free. Basically it's the images that photographers don't use commercially.

Good to see you yesterday.


You can't use Google images within your e-learning without checking with the rights owner. Here are some links that may help though: http://delicious.com/kaoticoddchild/images
We know everyone has a tendency to surf the public domain for graphic images and insert a few into bespoke programmes. But as the thread has suggested you need to check for copyright before inclusion in your programme. Litmus test - downloading music from the web? Is it legal or not?

If your programme is for commercial resale or available via web i.e. eLearning then you should consider paying a residual fee for use of the image, get written authorisation from owner to use the image within your courseware, create your own graphic, or purchase graphics via a reputable media house i.e. Shutterstock.
Hi all

Thank you for your replies. Likewise Mark, was nice to see you.

Hi Anju
I would agree with the others over copyright but you can use Google images via the Advanced Search where you can under 'Usage Rights' select the dropdown and say select 'Free to use or share, even commercially'. I have uploaded a screenshot on a word dov for anyone's interest. It will massively reduce what you see but at least you should be legal.

regards Mark
This is another resource I use.

Hi Anju,

Microsoft Clip art is ok I think, you need to read the agreement terms for anything you use though. It's sometimes easier to get a camera and take the photos yourself. I remember using stock images for leisure only to find a competitor was using the same images!!

I didn't think Royalty Free meant they were free (or copyright free), it is just that you only pay for them once where as Rights Managed images are licensed for a certain time or number of uses.

Hi Catherine,

I might have got the terminology wrong. Morguefile images are definitely free to use both for private and commercial purposes.

We've had the same problem using iStockphoto images as you've come across. It's very embarrassing when your images turn up on a competitor's materials (for both parties!)



Hi Anju

I use Stock.XCHNG website where you can get free images. It was owned by a company in hungary but this is the property of getty images.


I hope this will help.








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