Can anyone tell me what elearning they use for Microsoft Office training? Corporately our organisation uses mostly Office 2003 with a small percentage using Office 2007.We currently use an elearning suite supplied by a third party company called Learning Nexus. I am curious to find out what other organisations use, or do to support their learners in Microsoft Office product.

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Not quite sure if this is what you're looking for, but Microsoft make an interactive plug-in for Office called "Ribbon Hero" which is a good example of incorporating elearning into software. It might be a bit simplistic for what you're looking for, but it's quite interesting to check out all the same. 

Oh, and it's free!

I was just about to post the same recommendation

Just had a new laptop yesterday so it was removed by my IT department. It's the one piece of software I'm going to reinstall. Although designed for children it's still great fun and I definately learnt stuff despite having used word and ppt for years.


Hi all,

I'm very interested to see what people do in this space also. Nick, what's your feedback on 'Learning Nexus'?

Many thanks, William

We've recently started using Cloudrooms, from redtray, which is an online classroom subscription service. It's too early to say how effective the learning is, but it makes more sense than any of the asynchronous office modules I've seen before, which are generally dull beyond belief. Basically they've converted their classroom courses and broken them into 1 hour chunks. In theory you book onto a class whenever you need one and join an online class with a live instructor. It's less than £100 a year for as many classes as you like covering all levels and (I think) all versions of outlook, powerpoint, word and excel. I don't want to big it up too much because we haven't got much feedback yet, but on paper it seems perfect and I would definitely take a look.

Ribbonhero is great fun!! Shall we start a RH League here in the LSG?!


Back to Nicks enquiry:

Microsoft provide their own e-learning for a whole host of their products via the Microsoft IT Academy ( There is an annual cost. The content is wide ranging and would cover Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. It does require each user to have a Windows Live ID. It can be cumbersome to manage from an admin point but seems to be very well received by the end user.

Office 2010 users here at Wolverhampton can also attend courses which cover beginner level through to "I know what I'm doing and don't need a course" level with consultancy services for those who "do it the way I've always done it" to identify business process gains and provide supporting skill development. We cover Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook 2010 with Visio and Project materials available.

We use CustomGuide print on demand materials for our course materials and have been happy with these upto the last incarnation in Office 2010. Previous materials had nice summary sections which are missing from the latest materials.


Hope this helps.







On the back of the reply by Paul we point pre-induction/new joiners to Microsoft's free learning at: where they can brush up on Microsoft Office.


The site covers the main topics (including 2003 which we too use) and it gets the learner into the mindset of 'self-help' which we try to promote.




We also use the Microsoft free online training. We are about to upgrade to 2010, and they have a training session for each product in the suite detailing what is different between 2003 and 2010. There is also an interactive guide where you complete the action in the 2003 environment, and it tells you how to do it in the 2010 environment. They also run some basic courses as mentioned by Nick, and most appropriate for us, are already translated into a number of different languages.


Major issue is that you can't track or trace completion metrics, but will still do the job for 0 cost!



It was the price that swung it for us too ;o)

I can recommend Mindleaders for a broad portfolio of Microsoft training.




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