Good day all, I am hoping there are some technical guru's out there to help with this.

Basically I have created SCORM courses using Articulate and loaded it onto our internal LMS. For the majority of the community it works just fine. However for one client in specific, when they try to launch the SCORM course, it gives them a 'internet explorer cannot display this webpage' error. They do not sit within our network however do have access to our LMS.

Am I right in thinking this is an internet explorer issue or could this be a firewall issue?

Has anyone had this problem before, and how did you solve it?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hi Heidi,


We have had similar issues over time.  Most have been sorted by ensuring internet explorer settings are common across the network (some of our people were on different domains so we worked with BT to sort it out).  The other issues were sorted by ensuring they had correct versions of Flash players etc.

Also when you publish your program, double check you don't limit it to your domain (your site/location) as they may not have access to program content (this is when you are setting up your on-line content management in the LMS)  Maybe your setting should be Global or General or whatever is the equivalent.

Hope you get sorted soon.




Hi Dave,


Thank you very much for this. I have been thinking along those lines and have also started doing more intensive testing on the IE settings. I will certainly check my LMS settings though as that was something I had not considered! Once I get it resolved I will post the solution on this discussion.

Is there audio in the courses and/or in any embedded quizzes or Engage interactions?  In very early testing, we found that our firewall was set to block the popular MP3 file format. Once that blocking was removed for the LMS's URL, all worked fine.  Just a thought!  Something at least to remove from the list.

Hi Tim,


Yes, we have quizzes and Engage interactions. This is something I have not considered so will test this for sure!

Hi Heidi, 

I would try to rule things out in turn.

To rule out if it is an IE issue, get a user from the client site to try and launch some content using Firefox or Chrome. If they get the same problem, then it is unlikely to be a browser-specific issue. 

Then, see if they can launch other content (i.e. non-Articulate content) from the LMS. You can just add a pdf doc, then and HTML file etc.

You could try using a programme like Fiddler ( to identify what calls are going back and forth from the browser to the server. This can be used to identify where the connection is failing.

Certain programmes, such as anti-virus software, can very occasionally scupper the launching of content, so if you have exhausted other solutions, you could try disabling their security temporarily. Do remember to turn it back on, though.

Good luck with it.


Hi Martin, I am in the process of testing IE add on's, and then testing with Firefox. We only have this problem with SCORM courses using Captivate occasionally and mainly Articulate. When we put e-information on like a pdf or HTML, they can acces it just fine.


Thank you very much for your help! I've got very good suggestions from everyone so far and am taking your advice to go through it in turns :-)



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