Does anyone have any simple ideas how to capture basic information (name, role, location, manager) to provide an auditable record of completion of a mandatory compliance elearning module, by a potentially huge (<50k) group where they don't (and will not) have individual LMS logon IDs. 

It will be developed in captivate v4.   We think it'll have to be manually managed, but it's how best to capture the information initially ;

- I've thought about a button at the end to create an email and ask them to put in their data as above but this is not really watertight enough)

- or would it be better to create a kind of form slide with free-field Text Entry boxes? - where would this get captured - can you send it to a standalone database/spreadsheet (I'm not very experienced in this area) 

We will have one user group for whom this will be automatically tracked because of user IDs

Any other ideas/suggestions would be really appreciated. (I've tried to post this question on the Adobe Captivate User forum, but right now, it seems to be out of action)

Many thanks

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We used surveymonkey - a free web based survey tool, and designed a kind of questionnaire along the lines of what training did you do today and who are you, who is your manager, dept telephone number etc.

We added a button at the end that opened the link for them to fill in the survey on line.

The survey tool allowed us to report who had done what training and when as often as we liked.

It has one drawback and that is that each survey can only be done once.

Thanks David that could well be a very good option.

We've created some Captivate activities that send the results to a Google Docs form. This was done using a Captivate Widget we purchased from here -


I think there is a Captivate 4 version if you search the site.  Good luck.

I have used surveymonkey which was okay for one-offs but if you want to use repeat usage, There are numerous free survey creation tools on the web but, I found this site, to be one of the better ones.  It allows you to create reusable surveys/questionnaires with no limit on the number of questions you can use.  The reporting too also allows you to export the results as a csv file which can be interrogated in Excel or other spreadsheet applications.

Hi, this suggestion costs money (to upgrade), but from version 5 of Captivate you can use as a kind of simple LMS. The problem with this is that the users must create an account.

Alternatively, another idea is that if you have an up to date version of Acrobat Writer Pro (with LiveCycle Designer), you could create a fillable form as a PDF form.

We publish our eLearning from Captivate in PDFs; you could then create a Portfolio PDF package with the eLearning as one file, and the fillable form as another PDF inside the Portfolio PDF package. The users then fill in the form and submit the form via e-mail. You can dump out the information inside the forms into a csv (Excel) file.

Hope this helps. But you are dependent on the user a lot...

I don't know if Captivate allows you to produce the learning as a SCORM compliant piece. If it does, then you could use SCORM Cloud.



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