Good day, I am still new to using Captivate (version 4) and am struggling to get the bookmarking to work correctly. At the moment when I upload SCORM content to our LMS, it does bookmark. However, once you have finished the course and would like to do it again or check something again, it always starts up at the last page. Also, it marks it as complete as soon as you start the course, so if you exit half way through, it still marks it as complete. Currently there is no quiz in this course,


What I would like it to do when I go to do the course again, is for it to prompt me to ask whether to resume or restart. Also, it must only mark it as complete once you have actually completed the course.


Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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What LMS are you using? We had something similar using SumTotal and we needed to reverse the SCORM API, which worked. I attach a document detailing how to do this on the last page of the document. Give it a try then republish the course and try uploading again.

Might help.




Hi Heidi, I've been a CP[4] user for several years, but still think of myself as an "intermediate" user. 

If you have not tried them already, one way I know to get any help is by using the User Support Forums.

Although it's very time consuming trawling through past posts to see if someone has already asked similar Qs you can find/learn some useful stuff. but you can also post your own Q

We used to pay an annual license for support direct from adobe, ( they did bronze silver and gold support) but then found we didn't use it for ages and so didn't renew, but I'm beginning to think it is the best way. 

also if you google Top 10 Captivate help sources you get a list of helpful sites.

I wonder if others have better advice or experience for support.  It seems most are all self taught.
I'm having huge trouble with variable slide counters and have spent ages lookign at posts!

Your question looks as if its in your LMS so forgive me if this is not what you wanted... Lee has probably helped you more

good luck

Lee, we use the Cobent LMS and I will definitely try your solution below and hopefully that works. I think it's a Cap thing as I do the majority of my developments in Articulate and those work perfectly.


Jenni, I haven't tried the forum below but will definitely go on there as well. I've found that the Captivate LinkedIn community is also a very good way to get help from people who use Cap on an every day basis. I am self taught as well and it does make it more difficult, but luckily there are forums like this where developers can help each other out :-)


Thank you :-)


@ Lee, thank you very much for your solution, it worked like a charm. In the LMS Scorm properties I also elected to 'wrap' the Scorm API. It now bookmarks correctly!



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