Can anyone tell me what elearning they use for Microsoft Office training? Corporately our organisation uses mostly Office 2003 with a small percentage using Office 2007.We currently use an elearning suite supplied by a third party company called Learning Nexus. I am curious to find out what other organisations use, or do to support their learners in Microsoft Office product.

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We currently use a 3rd party (Jenison) who host our current LMS (Checkpoint) and our licence covers their MS Office IT training ( called Impetus).

 We're also currently on 2003, but we will be moving to the Win7/MS office 2010 soon.  So I'd also be interested to hear what others have used to help users transition to the new software - especially as there will be such a range of learners, from those who've got it at home and won't need any support, to those who are still petrified of both PCs! and, consequently, elearning.

We use CustomGuide, which i would higly recommend and has 2010 available too. We spent a while comparing products and this one is high quality and easily put into bespoke courses. we get pretty good use of the software too which we have available to all staff and students (though they see different materials based on who they are). Happy to help with any other questions you might have about it.


We have been using a combination of several resources for MS Office training.


We use the official Microsoft eLearning material, mainly becasue we get it free as part of our Campus Agreement (HE), but also becasue it is quite good.


We have also used online video tutorials from and from, staff find it useful sometimes to be able to just sit and watch a 4-5min demo of something if they are just looking for a reminder/refresher.


We have also used printed material from Watsonia, but they seem to be going through some sort of transition period and we have decided to let our licence for those expire.


Check out the Microsoft Office website, there are literally tons of freely available resources on there, espacially supporting the transition from older versions to 2010.

Hi Phil, thanks for the info, I am familliar with both VTC Lynda, do you have a corporate subscription for both if so for how many users.



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