Is anyone using their BlackBerry Platform to deploy any form of learning?

If so, what authoring software/tools are you using and what are your experiences to date - good and bad?

I have a platform of approximately 1,500 users of the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and would like to explore using this in 2010 for short bursts of learning/refresher content, particularly where the content and delivery-at-the-point-of-need coincide naturally.

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i think authoring specifically for a mobile platform can be dicey, especially since the attention span for mobile learning is always a big question. Your idea of short bursts is a good one, because you'd like to be able to have mobile device create a sense of constant connection and be able to engage people in the moments of downtime. In that we're experimenting more with social media on the mobile as against traditional elearning on mobile.

We're currently using Jive as our social learning platform and it comes with ready integration with Blackberry and iPhone. Similarly, Yammer, SocialText and other tools are great for microsharing -which is an ideal way to involve people when they're at their mobile device.

In short, we're not developing specifically for a mobile platform. We're using platforms that automatically translate to mobile platforms and generate push notifications.

Agree with what Sumeet said, in regards to short bursts. I'm lucky enough to be involved in a project for a large multinational. Like Sumeet, the project is using our own tools to build everything.

We are using our own M-LMS, that works with HTML5 / JQuery and other technology that will work on multiple platforms. This project has started with the iPhone but we aim to deliver Blackberry / Android and other platforms dependant on what the client likes and is willing to pay for!

With these we haven't gone through the app route either - we have simply optimised our LMS and eLearning courses for the browser the PDA / Phone supports - that way any change to the system doesn't have to go through any external body or require a large update by the user.



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