Hi All,


I need some advice and I am hoping the group can help.


I am in the process of 'rolling out Moodle' across China, UK, Spain, South and East Africa.  The architecture is to have 5 x separate but linked moodle sites.  Underpinning this I have the IMS repository for storing SCORM objects.  As you know this is limiting


I am now looking at phase 2 of my project and looking to expand the functionality of the repository and  implement a Digital Repository for learning objects  allowing administrators now matter where they are to create learning objects, store the learning object and make it reusable.  The aim of the repository would be:


·         Store 'learning objects’ making them reusable – a single learning object may be used in multiple contexts for multiple purposes no matter where you are in the moodle system


·         Give us the ability to aggregate learning objects – learning objects to be grouped into larger collections of content, including traditional course structures


·         Allow tagging with metadata – every learning object to have descriptive information allowing it to be easily found by a search


·         Allow configuration and control of learning objects from a central point


I have searched and cannot find a Moodle ‘Plug In’.  The advice I need is “is there a Moodle Plug In”

I have ‘flirted’ with Mr Cute2 and found that it does not work.  Are there other digital repositories out there and can you advise

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Hi Richard,

I've no direct experience with this, but you might want to take a look at HarvestRoad Hive (now part of Exact-Learning): http://www.exact-learning.com/en/learning-content-management-system...

From memory, I think it integrates with Moodle.

You might also get a better response from the Moodle Repository forum: http://moodle.org/mod/forum/view.php?id=1807


Hi Mark,

Thanks for this. I will have a look and yes I'll go to the Moodle forum





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