Hi all,


We are just starting to use MOODLE to make course resources accessible to learners before/after a class.


I have asked our IT department to make it accessible via the internet (so that learners can access from home) and they have suggested we use Citrix.


Does anyone have any experience or pros/cons of using MOODLE and Citrix in this way so that I can provide a full opinion before going back to our IT dept?




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I'm doing some work with a client at the moment who are just setting up Moodle with Citrix. They've had no problems with Moodle itself, but in some cases delivery via Citrix means it doesn't play nicely with some SCORM elearning content.


Given the choice I'd host it externally, but I'm biased because my experience of Citrix is that it makes life easy for IT and just makes things more complicated for end users.



Thanks Barry - this is entirely new to me so any advice is helpful - and thanks for being so quick!

Ignoring my bias against Citrix, the chances are you'll be able to successfully use Moodle this way :)

The most important thing is to identify all of the different types of resource that you want to make available and test delivery of each one on Moodle in the Citrix environment.


Hi Emma,


Given that Moodle is entirely web-based, putting Citrix in the way is a totally unnecessary step, Your IT department should be able to allow your learners to access the material anywhere, just as they would other web sites within your organisation.




Thank you, I've done some surface reading and it did seem a little repetitive but I wasn't sure that I was understanding it correctly.



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