Hello all, can anybody advise Joomla V Moodle, just about to get serious about open sourse and would appreciate any thoughts.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Anne,

Moodle and Joomla are two completely different tools, and so it's really a case of working out which one would be the best fit for what you're wanting to achieve.

Can you give us some more detail on what you're trying to do?




Primarily we are looking at it to give our students access to e-learning and support them with access to class notes. With the use of blogs etc.


Hi Anne,


In which case, my first instinct would be to say that Moodle is your best fit out of the two. Why did you think Joomla was a possibility?



Hello Mark

Before I took up my current position my predecessor started on the road of Moodle, we are 50% there but before I champion it and as much as I like Moodle, I want to look at all the other options out there.


Hi Anne,

As Muhammed says, Moodle looks like the best solution for you. But, if your requirement is simply to provide access to documents (and not SCORM-packaged content), you could instead look at Wordpress. It's a lot easier to use than Joomla, but just as flexible.

Much depends on how private you want the site to be. Many tutors are using Wordpress as an open platform. Putting a login on it is possible, but means more work than on a Moodle site, which is designed around controlling access.

I've worked with both systems for years now. Give me a call if you want a chat about the options: 07799 408026


Hi Anne,


With your above requirements, you difinetely need an Learning Management System i.e. Moodle. Moodle has many features to support students e.g. Group discussion boards, assignment submissions, class notes and slides upload on the system to access by students, blogs and wikis for collaborative work streams, instant messaging, email system, 1 to 1 coaching using chat system.You can also incorporate web conferecing software like WizIQ and others to create more interactivity.


I had a good experience of this system and found Moodle is the most used by the universities and educational institutes.


I hope this will help.





Moodle sounds like the thing to meet your needs!

I'm pretty sure i saw somewhere a project linking joomla and moodle together perhaps a search of the moodle forums would be in order


edit: some info here joomdle i think its called to give you additional functianilty  http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/living/education-a-culture/...

Anne, I think the market take up speaks for itself. Moodle is now the market leader in Open Source learning management and delivery. Joomla does a different job anyway but is not 'cutting it'.



It really depends on what kind of things you're trying to do? E-learning is many things. What you describe sounds like you could just do with something like Mahara or Drupal (or even just Wordpress with Buddypress) - that allows you to set up areas for groups to share materials. Moodle may be overkill - it comes with a lot of class management baggage but is actually not that great for flexible sharing of materials. I'm in the middle of a project that uses Mahara for document sharing with different groups of students.

So my recommendation would be Mahara for student engagement and sharing of content. If you want to add things like quizzes and are not worried about portfolios, then Drupal is a good solution. You only need Moodle if you want to do complex grading of many activities with lots of student management across classes. For simple sharing of content and a place for discussion, it is a huge overkill - plus its quite dated when it comes to usability. 


The other Open Sources options to look at are Sakai and Instructure (which I presonally like best of the VLEs) but they require a higher level hosting platform and have smaller communities in the UK.




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