As we approach the conference, what are you looking to find out about social learning at the conference? What burning questions do you have?

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Is moderation needed?
How do public sector organisations embrace social learning (media), while making the senior layer of the organisation feel comfortable with its open capacities for voicing or stating personal views or thoughts that may not be the image that the corporate leads would feel at home listening to.
Also how do we moderate the nuggets of knowledge that can be deployed through social learning for technical truth or or content quality.
Is this indeed required at all or do we leave this all to the social learning tagging for level of relevance and quality
Hi Jane

I hope all is well with you.

I think one of the questions I'm asked is how to blend formal and informal (and by informal I include the word social) learning and incorporate social media tools and technology into that blend.

We have to acknowledge that organisations have invested (some heavily) in training & learning development that some of us would consider fairly formal but it works for them and they say they are not going to replace it and cannot see the need to redevelop it for the sake of adding a new fad.

Isn't the natural progression of fusing both formal and informal (social) learning a way of winning hearts and minds of those who are yet to be convinced of social learning.
William - have you read this article of mine: State of Social Learning in the Workplace - it summarises all my thinking
Read it all and follow you, Jay, Charles, Harold etc.
Excellent! Pleased to hear it :)
I understand fully what you are trying to infuse.
But for me the key is motivation, with approaching public sector spending cuts how do we motivate the organisation to feel engaged and valued when really the agenda is one of more for less which includes staff development, career opportunities and cutting staff.
James,social media are not just organisational tools, but personal ones too; they can help individuals with their own personal and professional development and career progression, and get some autonomy back into their lives.
Hi Jane
Totally agree and support your thoughts on this but again the join by the individual with work (Career) in a suppressed organisation due to cuts and the link with that organisation empowering development through social media tools is hard to promote, engage and motivate.
We are researching social media tools to make that link between personal and working environment and how this can empower the individual to develop more effectively using the power of the social media environment.



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