I am looking to deliver an informal learning pilot to support a new area within my business. Currently i'm only looking to use discussion forums and blogs and I'm writing the strategy at the moment. I've found some great resources but I was wondering if anyone has produced anything similar that they would be willing to share or if anyone can share their experiences if you have used these tools to support / re-inforce formal learning.
Thanks Mike

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We (Xerox) have tried a number of different approaches with varying degrees of success. I'd be happy to share our experiences however if you want to talk technical - I'm NOT your man!!
Hi Sean

I'd really appreciate a bit more info on the approaches you've tried and any lessons learnt

My approach is quite basic but I am provided a learning programme induction and futher structured development for a new business area and there will be some very specialist roles and knowledge within these teams.

I want these individuals to start keeping a weekly blog to relay what they have been doing and how they have been doing it so that we can spread this knowledge throughout the business area.

I then want to use SharePoint to establish a forum where all members can 'ask the expert' or post a question to any of the managers, team leaders etc or trainers can post questions following formal learning solutions to continue building capability and sharing knowledge. A big success factor for me in this is that we embed a culture of sharing what you know from day one and integrating these tools as everyday use.

Ultimately we will start to build a library of knowledge for any new member in to this area that can support any formal induction / development they may receive.


Would be very interested in discussing this with you as we've started a research project to look at this in more detail, following a corporate roundtable session we held late last year. We're particularly interested in systemic solutions - i.e. strategies and tools that are adopted across a broad range of subjects or curriculum areas. Its fairly easy to find to tactical uses of collaborative tools (forums, wikis etc) at a programme or topic level, but mostly these approaches are limited in scope to only that/those programmes. To my mind, this does not really constitute a social or informal "strategy" per se.

I would also really be interested in hearing from any corporate that believes they have a strategy for social/informal and will be following this thread to see what pops up.

My email for follow up is davidw@elearnity.com.

ps. We also have a few vendor releases related to social on our research knowledge centre:

regards, DAVID
Hi David

Thanks for this and more than happy to share with you what my plans are.

I think my thoughts on the strategy are based around what I'm being asked to produce in order to gain agreement and sign off for the whole approach. Basically I need to produce a strategy paper on why these tools are needed, what value they will have for individuals and the business unit and what long terms effects on learning they will have. I really want to create a learning culture from day one in a new business area where there are no pre-conceptions on how or when learning takes place.

If this approach is a success it then will enable me to build a business case to take this further and start to use other tools of this nature to a wider audience.


Hi Mike

From what you describe, I think we have a lot in common and so I'll be very interested in what else happens in this thread. I'd ceratinly be willing to share our current experiences in building a strategyas well as learning from you and others about overcoming some common pitfalls.


David, I'd certainly like to pick your brains some more, if you are happy for me to contact you?


Please feel free to email me at paul.heath@thephoenixgroup.com





Hi Paul,

Thanks for replying and getting in touch. It's been quite a journey since I posted this discussion as I've left that employment but have been putting everything I've learned in to my new role.

I've moved in a community manager role and the community I've developed is about supporting learning for CIPD & ILM qualifications and provides a social environment for members to connect and share in-between any formal activity e.g. workshop.

It's been going now 8 months and we're really starting to see it add value and the challenges have been similar to my previous experiences in that it isn't about the technology but it is about people and behaviour.

Be good to get this thread going again but happy to discuss any element of it with you - feel free to get in touch mike.collins@dpgplc.co.uk



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