Does not matter what software you use, if you develop yourself I am sure you have tales to share...
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  • Hello all,

    I design, develop and deliver e-learning solutions within Yorkshire Building Society. I've been creating e-learning modules for five years now using Lectora, Captivate, SwiSHMax and a little Flash. I'm hoping to begin colaborating with other developers and share each other's past experiences.
  • Hi all,

    I work for West Sussex County Council and have created several elearing modules using Visual Course Builder. Am looking forward to hearing what others use and the experiences of designing and promoting their content.
  • Hello
    can anyone advise a Sharepoint beginner - we are starting to create a cross College teaching and learning resource, both document store and we hope some developments in some exciting social learning with podcasting, forums etc, we are currently planning architecture in relation to other technologies we use, I am aware of the SP templates but we'd love to set a better look for Sharepoint within the College - it is pretty dull, anyone got any tips - I have heard that Sharepoint Designer is limited. thanks:-)
  • Rob, if you also look at the group content creation within organisations a number of users, including myself have detailed what tools we use.

    In my organisation we use Content Point by Atlantic Link to author (i.e put together the constituent parts and publish for our LMS). This is the end of the story if you like though, there are a range of other tools and especially skillsets needed to publish content in the form we do. We deliver knowledge based courses employing best practice learning design approaches in relation to cognitive research on the subject. Our production values are high too, we aim to replicate what we can buy in from our external suppliers.

    We are still quite rapid too, the other month we built a 30 screen course employing the above principles in 8 days from receiving raw content to publishing - that is pushing it a bit though!
  • I would be interested in understanding what authoring tools different organisations use? How sophisticated their elearning is (ranging from low levels of learning complexity through to higher cognitive and behavioural change), is it developed in house or outsourced? What have been some of your learning experiences in moving into this space you can share?

  • We tend to keep things very simple and develop in-house using Articulate Studio 09 ie, Presenter, Quizmaker and Engage. Not only are we able to quickly respond to training needs, but the tools are relatively simple to use and as they're based on PowerPoint we can work with the SMEs and get them to input content themselves. I have found a number of issues when using Engage which I'm more than happy to share if there's anyone else out there also using it. In addition, we're looking at piloting Mohive which other parts of the organization are using and find more flexible as the approval process can be automated.
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Rapid Development Tool for a Novice

Hi Everyone, I'm new to this group and to the corporate training world as a whole. I am looking for a good rapid development tool to get me started but am a bit lost with all of the different options available. I have considered Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, BrickLayer, iSpring, and Zenler but don't really know much about any of them. Does anyone have any recommendations?I am a training department of ONE, so I need something that is fast and easy since I will be creating all of the…

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Hot new tools for 2013

Hi there,Just wondering what everyone finds best & easiest to use for e-learning course development this year? Are there any new tools you find useful, particularly any good freeware you recently noticed? I'm starting new courses soon and wanted to check out the recent developments out, currently have captivate 6.thanks,Sinéad

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Software advice: Assertion - Reasoning questions

Hi,I will be shortly embarking on a project to move a large amount of our learning content from paper/e-paper, into e-learning materials to sit on an LMS system. A quantity of our material often asks for specific (to the individual) responses. We don't necessarily want to record this information but will need to gain a response which confirms the learners complete understanding.With this in mind I have been asked to look at software which incorporates assertion-reasoning and confirmation…

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