March 2015 Blog Posts (7)

Translate your eLearning Courses To Other Languages Very Easily

Translating eLearning materials should be simple, whereas finding high-quality, fast service for the same is challenging. The main idea is to search various ways and simpler methods of translating ELearning modules into other languages. To find an excellent translator is a difficult job to do but once it is found, it can be proved to be one of the best. ELearning…


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Two heads are better than one: Five ideas for E-Learning team collaboration

The E-Learning profession is a high-paced and demanding industry. Many E-Learning professionals feel they are constantly racing to the next goal or to finish their next project. We’ve come up with five tips that will help your team to communicate with one another, enjoy their work and use their time efficiently.

1.    Use the best tools

As learning technologists, we know that using the right technology can transform a process…


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Transfer your regular training to mobile learning in a few simple steps

Transferring the regular training programs to mobile learning is one of the best ways to make full use of the technology available in front of you. Transfer the elements in to the perfect format to learn on mobiles, and see the difference for yourself.

A rational LMS decision

The first step in this direction is to take a rational LMS decision. Here, you need to find out if it…


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Imagine all the pictures

In the 2nd in a brilliant series of blogs by our content team, Justin Anderson talks about how we made our dynamic toolkits more visually appealing. If you have ever had to choose images for a website, this one is for you.

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Creativity and Innovation for Mobile Development Starts At The Grassroots Level

These days, we can see a number of schools and colleges giving utmost importance to technology and development. The concept of eLearning is developing at a faster rate. This is quite interesting as you get to see young minds sitting and working on their own projects with great interest and excitement. One would actually wonder why the students would give up their free… Continue

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How does Tin Can API work in the real world?

I’m sure that by now many of you will already have come across the biggest buzzword to hit E-Learning town since the second coming of SCORM in 2004.

Yes folks, a new standard has landed on our shores and it’s called Tin Can API (AKA Experience API).

So what is Tin Can? What does it do? What does it look like? And what can it do for your organisation? Well let’s have a look.

To fully understand Tin Can it’s necessary to appreciate the history and indeed…


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