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Want to be counted in the top league – Hire mobile learning

On-the-Job training is an integral part of every organisation. They are focused to augment the skills and knowledge of the employees, so that they can contribute better to the productivity of the organisation. Training programs work in a holistic way to enhance the growth and learning curve of an organisation. If these training programs are camouflaged with learning management system…


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E-learning solutions – The new age tutorials for firms

Functions in organisations are becoming increasingly complex owing to the urges of entrepreneurs to extend their grasp on the market share. Tough work requires tough training since employees need to be equipped to become adept to tackle organisational pressures. Although the human resource department is responsible for all kinds of training programs, but on today's date almost every organisation lacks concrete training procedures and less potent study materials. These…


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Need for E-learning Outsourcing

With recession hitting the markets every now and then, companies today have made “penny saved is penny earned” as their motto for recouping. Having said that, the cost effectiveness of outsourcing and proper designing and development of the e-learning programs are the major reasons why companies opt for e-learning outsourcing. E-learning companies demands for skillful and knowledgeable workforce and…


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Learn the smart way with E-Learning

The demand for skilful workforce is on the rise and this has led various organisations to lay more focus on, on-the-job training. E-learning, an emerging tool to learn the smart way, has therefore become one-stop solution for the companies worldwide. What adds value to e-Learning India…


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Mobile learning, a new way to reach out to the employees

In the current scenario mobiles are not just there for calling, one can do a lot more than just talking. Smartphones have revolutionised the way people use to look at mobiles. Nowadays, it's like you are carrying a mini computer which can connect you to the world. Training sessions can hamper the productivity of the employees, mobile learning ensures that one can attend the these session without losing out…


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Exactly what is a 'Professional'?

I recently agreed to give a talk to a group of IT Professionals entitled "Professionalism in IT, does it matter?". During the talk there was much consternation when, after posing a series of questions to the audience, I told them that 'none of you are IT professionals' - and this to a seasoned audience of senior practitioners in the industry.

My justification for making that bold statement was not that this audience was made up of incompetent, untrustworthy…


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This house believes that Academic Education will never meet the skills needs of the IT Profession

An Oxford Union style Debate

"This house believes that Academic Education will never meet the skills needs of the IT Profession"

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists are jointly hosting an Oxford Union style debate on Wednesday 12 June 2013, 6.30pm - 9.00pm at Armourers' Hall in the City of London.

Guests of honour…


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