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5 technologies trainers might not have thought of using

Training just like every other job is becoming more and more supplemented by developing technologies. Although e-Learning and m-Learning is grabbing all the headlines in Learning and Development as being the future – there are a lot more forms of technology that could help you as a trainer. Speaking to our providers – these are our pick of the bunch.


What on earth did we do before the invention of tablets? Ever since they…


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Trainerspace retreat - 19th July 2013

I’m really pleased to announce the date for the next Trainerspace Retreat – Friday 19th July 2013 at Middle Aston in Oxfordshire.

Our theme for this unique event is “Informal Learning”  which I think is very appropriate given that the Retreat itself is one of the best examples of informal learning I know!   Those of you who have attended our previous Trainerspace Retreat will know that the purpose of such events is to give those of us involved with training others space for ourselves…


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E learning companies building a prudent sales force

An organization requires a talented sales force, that can aggrandize its sales revenue. Organizations should make their sales guys realize the importance persuasion in marketing. Also the sales persons should know, that a wise approach will be to cultivate new ways of persuading the customers. This is because today's consumer has become prudent. It will take a lot of intellect to cajole him to make a purchase. So using an old set of skills in every sales call may not work.

-) Be…


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Social learning engendering work ethics

They say, “If your ethics are high, things can never go wrong”. It is quite right. The latent principle in the philosophical quote is that, strong work ethics can lead one to the zenith. This principle has a lot of applicability in an organizational culture. Work ethics are essential for any business to survive. Organizations always face the trade-off between long term and short term targets. One has to be foregone, in order to achieve the other one. Firms at times have a myopic vision,…


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E-learning company shouldering the training responsibility


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E-learning software fostering a creative intent

A mind full of inhibitions cannot cultivate new dimensions. In today's competitive market, it is highly imperative for organizations to think out of the box, in order to survive. Employees should have a strong creative intent, in order to develop value proposition offers for customers. An uninhibited vision can look beyond the normal parameters of perception. Workers who have this instinct can think on rarely observed dimensions. However, such an innovative instinct is not so…


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Custom e-learning content fostering team spirit

Someone rightly said, “11 excellent players of a cricket team cannot achieve success, if they do not play in coordination”. It is not always about talented players and superb techniques. Even a player with high skills will not be able to perform well, unless his team mates do not align their efforts according to his standards. Usually in such teams, every player performs for himself and not for the team. Each one thinks about his own score. Therefore each one isolates his mind from the team.…


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E learning companies serving as your third hand

Every organization today needs a systematic training system, that can help it to impart appropriate knowledge and skills to its employees. This is because companies know, that a well trained workforce is adept enough to achieve even the toughest organizational goals and targets. On the other hand, a workforce lacking adequate knowledge, can screw up even with what has been already accomplished.

There are many e learning companies, who are engaged in constant endeavours, to furnish…


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Elearning courses draw resources from rich disciplines


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Learning and Skills Group Conference 2013: Tune into the back channel

After a virtual conference last year, a newly refurbished London Olympia once again hosts the annual Learning and Skills Group Conference. The Learning and Skills Group conference will take place next Tuesday 18th June 2 and will explore some of the main themes from the Learning Technologies event in January, the monthly webinar series and online discussions on the Learning and Skills Group community site. And I…


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LMS elearning is your ultimate organizational library

Distance is never a barrier to learning

When it comes to distance learning, one thing that comes to mind is an e learning service. With well equipped e learning systems, organizations can provide knowledge to a number of employees at a time, who are located distantly. For human resource departments e learning is a highly cost effective tool for training workers in organizations. Another reason for the popularity of this method of training is that, it enhances the…


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Training management system of an e learning service

Social Learning

Training is an integral element…


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Oops a change again Call the e-learning services quickly

“Oops, another transition” says an employee

People in organizations are not actually apprehensive of any change. Rather they fear the process, that will bring the change. In simple words, if the employees of an organization are straight away put to that changed status, then there is no problem. What's troublesome for them is undergoing a whole process, that will gradually bring the transition.Why is that so?

Human mind is acclimatized to function in a…


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