June 2021 Blog Posts (5)

Digital Transformation and its Impact on Workplace Learning

COVID-19 — and within more than a year after the pandemic hit, we have witnessed a huge transformation in the manner organisations in all sectors and regions do business. As per a McKinsey Global Survey of executives: “Companies have accelerated the digitization of their customer and…


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5 Reasons Why Uniform Workplace Learning is Key to Sustained Success in a Growing Organisation

What are the critical aspects of running an organisation? Your answer might be — sales, customer acquisition, and profits. However, for the long-term, consistent success of any business, you also need to create a culture that can inspire people to collaborate and work together in a friendly environment. Such a culture and work environment is where the…


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What is Social Learning, and How Workplaces can benefit from it?

Have you noticed how quickly we come up with solutions when a friend or a neighbour brings up issues related to their romantic relations or tensions at work? But at the same time, we might struggle to work through our problems. Well, this principle applies to workplace learning as well. Employees usually consult their colleagues when there is a need to solve problems at work. And this is where the concept of social learning…


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10 Signs Your Organisation is Ready for an LMS

Excel sheets scattered on desks and teams spread out across the globe. No means to quantitatively analyse training outcomes. To top it all, employees getting bored with monotonous learning sessions! Well, statistics say that “36% of talent developer respondents agree that driving engagement in learning is also a major challenge.” Yes, if your…


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Successful Workplace Learning Strategies. What to Invest in and What to Drop

According to a recent Training Industry Report, research covering approximately 1,500 executives across various industries, regions, and companies of multiple sizes revealed some stunning facts. One out of every five organisations does not have anything to measure the impact of…


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